Race Driver: GRID - Developer Interview

The Xbox Community Network recently caught up with Ralph Fulton, Chief Game Designer for Race Driver: GRID to ask him about all aspects of the game..

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Nipplestiltskin3717d ago

Codemasters really dropped the ball with 'Dirt'. While it looks beautiful, the game has a very forgiving gameplay style, compared with past Colin McRae rally games. It makes the game utterly boring and unrealistic to the point of arcade crap. Their core audience has always been people who love rally and the WRC, and ironically, that base has been dwindling, so instead of making it more realistic and more of the real sport (to keep the core gamers), the game is neither 'here nor there' in terms of market placement, and I am afraid (no- totally expectant and regretful) that Codemaster's newest offering will suck beyond merit. Bottom line is they really needed to get rid of the bs 'catch-up' feature in the single player from previous offerings, and concern themselves with the actual events that occur world-wide. This is the same failing that GT3 and Forza suffer from as well. Gamers want a more realistic offering, not a broad-based peice of crap that 'everyone' can play. Because when you focus on 'everyone', core gamers find themselves defending their cars against wrong-way drivers, cheaters, and generally un-sporting types that dont care about what makes Race Driver and TOCA so appealing. Get it together Codemasters!

3717d ago
Venomous_13715d ago

watching this games as it progresses .....