Top 8 Weirdest Games of All Time

From Mister Mosquito and Pepsiman to Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit, LSD, and others, 411's Marc Morrison ranks the Top 8 Weirdest Video Games!

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Cirran2205d ago

List needs more Incredible Crisis.

guitarded772205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )


jimbobwahey2205d ago

Surprised that Killer 7 wasn't on that list really, I'd certainly rank it as significantly weirder than anything in the article.

Speaking of which, I really do hope that Capcom releases a HD downloadable version of the game on PSN and XBLA some day.

Venox20082205d ago

I love this game, doubt it'll come to Xbox, but it was released for Gamecube/PS2.. so I think it could come to Wii U & PSN

Braid2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

Oh my god, I remember playing that Pepsiman game. It was a total joke, I don't remember how I got it, someone must have given it to me out of charge. I'm ashamed to say that whenever we organized a gaming weekend with friends, we would play the hell out of that game. We'd try to survive the longest in a competitive way. I'm not sure if we were just desperate (as there wasn't a vast collection of console games at the time like nowadays, nor internet connection for consoles) or it was really a good party game. Good times, thanks for the article.

Jreca2205d ago

Matrimelee anyone? Weirdest best fighting game I've ever played.

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The story is too old to be commented.