Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation review – glitch power leaves girl power nowhere to free-run OPM

Joel: "Maybe I’m becoming less tolerant – or more intelligent, although I’m not sure how that’s possible… – but the AI in Assassin’s Creed games seems to be worse than ever. It’s bad in the fully fledged PS3 version , and it’s equally embarrassing in this handheld spin-off."

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Sanquine902235d ago

Not a fair review! First really AC feeling on handheld and you destroyed it:) For me and i am playing this game at the moment this game is easy and 8.0 :D I was even lost in the city ...

G20WLY2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Oh dear, Joel of OPM. Shame on you. May you get the hits you hunt lol

As you formed your master plan to draw attention to your site, did you not stop to consider that many have played this game by now? They will have formed their own opinions and they will NOT match the one you present. Your credibility, and the site's reputation, will suffer for this.

That's a shame, as I remember when I found your articles trustworthy, informative and well-written - even funny. This one is just 'funny', but in all the wrong ways :(

Raccoon2235d ago

The game is awesome! reguardless of these mixed reviews I got it from psn and was very pleased with game a true gem might I say... It' has about 4 or 5 massive towns/maps, an array of cool weapons and costumes especially this quad barrel handgun which I worked my ass off to get(é100,000) even after I finished the story I still keep coming back to play the mini games, complete side missions and buy all the unlockables :0)
Never rule something out until you try it.

Cam9772235d ago

I will be picking this game up regardless of reviews and the majority of the reviews it's received have been positive.

kopicha2235d ago

I give this game a 8.5/10 easily. Quite a delightful experience for a handheld game. There is no choice as it seems like there are just way too many Vita haters out there. That includes IGN.

Sanquine902235d ago

PS you are very harsch on this game!

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DivineAssault 2235d ago

Its funny how ppl seem to forget that this game is in your hands & not on the TV.. Yes i have come across glitches in the game that pissed me off & it couldve been more polished but im around 6 hrs into it & its no lower than an 8 to me..

Mounce2235d ago

The guy complains about AI when really, it's not an exclusive issue to attack this Vita iteration of the AC series....

Assassin's Creed has NEVER BEEN about fucking AI, AC1, all of 2 and Brotherhood, the AI has never evolved. To 'attack' the game or lower a score because of AI is like having expectations to be Wowed in a category that is unrelated. We all know Ubisoft can't do AI, lol. So far the best AI I've dealt with is either Uncharted games orrrr, MAYBE Crysis 2(NOT 1).

But yea, AI in Liberation bad? HellloOoOo? AI is bad in every game. It's not about AI, it's about story, gameplay and the SLAUGHTERING of the dimwits. It's like Anime...if you're a badass main-character, you're going to be facing endless Low-skilled fools who get in your way, they're idiotic to give you a feeling of empowerment and superiority over the NPC/AI/Bots who oppose you. That and it's an excuse to not properly handle AI. Either way, I'd not be one to EXPECT to deal with intellectual AI in an AC game... Just idiotic nitpicking.

himdeel2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Yeah to talk about AI being bad in any game this generation is ridiculous. I'm hopeful that next gen we see better AI. Graphically there's only so far we can go as console games, because otherwise we'd all just get PCs.

Best AI I've encountered has to be Demon and Dark Souls.