Rumor: Fable 2 ships May 30

According to a listing on the Amazon UK product page for Fable 2, the anticipated sequel to Peter Molyneux's original Xbox-exclusive role-playing game, a date has been set for a spring release. The listing shows Fable 2 will hit store shelves on May 30.

Take this with a giant retailer wants preorders grain of salt, but it could make sense. If Gears of War 2 was to hit in fall of 2008 then Fable 2 could be the game that leads into the fourth quarter push much like Crackdown did in 2007.

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predator3780d ago

it would and it wouldn't make sense to release it then.

it would that it would give the 360 a boost that a big game is coming out around that time.

it wouldn't as its not a busy shopping time and may hamper sales, but if you release to near gears 2 then it will get shadowed out.

I for one hope that it does come out may 30th, only if its ready though and not rushed.

wageslave3780d ago

There is no reason to think it is being rushed. MGS has had incredibly high-quality standards. Im confident they are picking the date they want. Not that they "need".

These projects are well planned.

That said, I wish it was a little later really. Im not going to be finished the first run of Lost Odyssey by then.

Im was going to pre-order Fable 2 - and I will if there is incentive (discounts or free content) - but if not, I'll be waiting a couple weeks just to finish up a couple games.

hazeblaze3780d ago

The first Fable was rushed out before all of Peter's ideas could be implemented... if this release date is true then this one will be a rushed mess as well. I already find it troubling that the game has been in development for so long and we still haven't seen any decent gameplay!!!

bohemian 233780d ago

Gta 4 will only be a month old and I would think that game will keep people busy for that long. I hope they wait a little longer.

frostbite063780d ago

I expect too human to hit before Fable 2

mintaro3780d ago

ill keep that day bookmarked, May 30....

Skerj3780d ago

Not going to happen, it's going to hit in the fall/winter.

OmegaKulu3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

yep, unless we see a LOT of game info from GDC next week(which is unlikely), it aint gona happen.
And amazon estimate release date is accurate? since when? -.-
anyway, really want to play this game, sooner the better none the less(just not rushed)

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The story is too old to be commented.