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First off-screen gameplay of COD: Black Ops Declassified

So the first off-screen footage of Black Ops Declassified appeared on Youtube. Unfortunately, video is not too long and not the best quality, but we take what we get (Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, PS Vita)

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NewMonday  +   659d ago
Hard to make anything of it
r21  +   659d ago
Yeah, cant see a darn thing. Why the hell is the camera guy moving around instead of focusing ON the game :L
Raccoon  +   659d ago
It's crazy how the tittle is 2 weeks away and all we have is one crappy trailer and this ^ to visually enforce our chances of purchasing this game smh. Nihilistic can only go up from this point on and since we expect the worst from them I think this is their only chance to prove us wrong... Underdog
mafiahajeri  +   659d ago
MattyG  +   659d ago
Sitting on the crapper at 730 and BOOM. That music. On the bright side it got the job done.
Sanquine90  +   659d ago
It looks fast and solid i hope that it looks good!
jetpacksheep  +   659d ago
Less than 10 seconds actual visible footage? why? if you have it in your hands just show the game.
GreenRanger  +   659d ago
Looks like the guy who recorded this had a head fetish at 0:20.
mafiahajeri  +   657d ago
Hahaha yeah and @ 28 the character in the game seems to be doing something to himself ...
HebrewHammer  +   659d ago
Looks like CoD
thatCat  +   659d ago
oh my, this game is coming out in 11 days....shieeeeeeet they're should be gameplay/story trailer/s by now not this overhead angle bull shit.
TheGeneralMLD   659d ago | Spam
enkeixpress  +   658d ago
Show more gameplay footage, ffs!
If they don't show gameplay then that usually is a sign that the devs aren't confident in their game.
jetlian  +   658d ago
man somebody needs to slap the cameraman. I dont care who is playing the game. I want to see gameplay

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