Resistance Fracas A Blessing For Church

Manchester Cathedral benefits from a "significant rise" in visitors.

GamesRadar writes:

"Last summer saw a top-drawer clash between The Church and Sony, thanks to Resistance: Fall of Man. One gun battle in the game took place in the hallowed surroundings of Manchester Cathedral, which prompted the Bishop of Manchester to bash Sony in the media-face for promoting gun crime. Fast forward to 2008, and the titanic face-off appears to have been a blessing in disguise for the iconic building, where visitor numbers have risen sharply."

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avacadosnorkel3751d ago

what did John Lennon say about GOD and the Beatles?

Take that statement, but replace the Beatles with video games.

damnwrx3751d ago

RaiSE.............And a Thank you from the Cathedral....Not an apology, just a thank you.

Daver3751d ago

i agree! they should give money to Insomniac for this... damn religion

Phoebian3751d ago

lol, I love it when people jump to conclusions.

Cat3751d ago

nothing like a good kerfuffle to boost interest.

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