New PlayStation Store Now Live In The US

Head to the Store and download the 26MB update to check out the new PlayStation Store.

The organization seems to be a lot better than the EU version of the store.

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xXtremeHDGamerXx2206d ago

New PlayStation Store is awesome.

BlindGuardian2205d ago

I'm at work and I won't be able to check it until tonight


kassatsu2206d ago

It is much nicer to look at that is for sure

golsilva2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

like the new slick interface. after messing with it for 5 minutes here are some things i hope they improve

the starup time to the store took like 30 seconds compared to 10 seconds on the old store so hopefully that can be shortened
I like how the videos are intergrated within the store itself, but it should have a pause button instead of restarting from the beginning
oddly the 5 star ratings used to have the exact numbers like 4.36/5 but now it only shows the stars itself. I dont know if its bad thing but a minor difference from before.

i didnt really search for things or see the organization so i cant tell if things are easier to find than before.

KingOptimus-X2206d ago

Just press X to pause the video.

JAMurida2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )


- Make an option in the download list to group content to one game. For example, a White Knight Chronicles folder that has ALL DLC purchased for that game in that folder and an option to redownload it all.

- Some content shows that you haven't purchased it, when you have (glitch maybe?)

- Make it to where when you try and download demos, you just download them and not have to add to cart and purchase them as if you are actually buying them with money.

That's the only thing I saw that needed fixing, next to performance tweaks.

EDIT: Another point I forgot was the search feature is nice how it predicts what you're about to say, but if you're using a keyboard you have to type slowly as if it's your first time using a keyboard to input what you want.

TheLyonKing2206d ago

Hope everyone is enjoying it, ever since it came out in Europe I have been loving the new look

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The story is too old to be commented.