Next-gen DVD Format War Hampering Sales

Purchasers are likely to stick with traditional DVDs and other formats until a next-gen DVD format leader emerges, according to new market research. Blu-ray and HD-DVD have been locked in mortal combat for the last year, although Sony's format appears to be moving ahead now.

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Bill Gates3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I just picked up Full Metal Jacket on Blu-ray.

Joey Gladstone3723d ago

.I actually just bought that one also yesterday but have not had a chance to watch it as of it WORTH the buy visually????

pwnsause3723d ago

well it looks like it likely to happen that the consumer will start buy HD Videos and systems, since this format war is pretty much over. its all about time though.

damnwrx3723d ago

To take it to the next level by lowering the prices DOwn.....

bohemian 233723d ago

You made the bed now you get to lye in it.

ITR3723d ago

Price of both HD and BD is insane at this point.
Price of players and media need to drop.
I'm holding out until BD hits at least profile 2.0.

I have a feeling most studio's plan on double dipping with many of the High Def titles.
Give me one with very few extras and then another 3-6 months away with better extras and etc...

Bazookajoe_833723d ago

Anybody knows when it will be out on blu-ray?

pp3723d ago

yeah Blu-ray stop hampering sales and admit defeat

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The story is too old to be commented.