Assassin's Creed 3 Parkour Video

Ronnie Shalvis and crew re-create Assassin’s Creed 3 in real life as a parkour video.

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Bluenuts92205d ago

Totally sweet!! Though I'm a 100% sure someone well hate it, say it's not close to what Connor really does or someother BS lol.

CynicalKelly2205d ago

Like me :D

I think it's awesome but I like Parkour in the sense that it's a creative way to get to somewhere and when it's used in a video like this, I don't understand going out of your way during a chase to run up a tree, backflip off it and run away in the opposite direction.

It's an awesome sport and that seems a pointless addition that leans on the point of the video.

GenericNameHere2205d ago

I saw this earlier, and it's pretty awesome!
However, I would have liked it even more if there was snow. I know it's gonna be hard doing parkour in heavy snow, but it's just a little nitpick of mines.
It's still an awesome vid though

moparful992205d ago

Man if only we could actually have that kind of control and fluidity in a game! So sick.. But nonetheless this game has completely renewed my interest in the Assassins Creed franchise..

uncharted562204d ago

Some of it has to do with budget while most it has to do with the current hardware. But you have to admit that ac3 does so much and with what they can work with currently the game has some of the best animations seen in a video game. Hopefully soon we will can have this kind of thing in our video games.