Whatever Happened to the Joystick

Sometimes technology disappears completely, but often it just fades into the background – still existing, still being used and sold and, occasionally, desired, but probably looking wistfully back on past glories.

Which neatly described the joystick's steady slide away from THE gaming peripheral to a fondly remembered icon. But the joystick's tale is a long and convoluted one – and it worth looking back into its often mysterious and ill-studied history before explaining why it will rise from the ashes like the mythical phoenix.

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The_Firestarter3593d ago

It's called evolution, get use to it.

Komrad3593d ago

its called a controller now.

staub913593d ago

I guess that analog sticks are kind of like mininture joysticks lol.

okcomputer3593d ago

Yea thats what I was thinking when I saw the title. The joystick is alive and well, they're just called analog sticks.

StarsCream3593d ago

Ill show you what happened to the joystick....

kwicksandz3593d ago

It has just become more of a niche controller nowdays.