10 Awesome Glitches That Improved Video Games

WC writes: Glitches are usually a sign that a video game developer just hasn’t put enough time into refining their product and ironing out the flaws, but on occasion, it can in fact be so hilarious or simply so accidentally ingenious that it improves the game, and at the very least, makes the gaming experience a more memorable one. Here are 10 games – most of them already good, mind – that have had us more engrossed because of their memorable glitches, allowing the game to live on longer than it otherwise would have.

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Jreca2206d ago

But the Tiger Wood one wasn't a glitch XD.

Best response video from a videogame company ever.

Baka-akaB2206d ago

If you are going to mention Street Figher 2 , at least mention combos instead ... it was originally a glitch , it was even spotted by devs , but still left in because they thought people wouldnt know how to use it .

TheNocturnus2206d ago

They missed the funnest one this gen, GTA IV's swingset glitch.

Yodagamer2206d ago

Is that even considered a glitch? i always thought r* was screwing with people on that one.

taquito2206d ago

super bounces in halo 2

how is this not on there?

kooler than all of these combined imo