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EGM: "It’s been an impressive run, but after a decade of the same basic experience, I can’t escape the feeling that Halo needs to try a bit harder. Fans of the game will have a blast here, and the multiplayer is something special, but if you expected Halo 4 to keep up with the Joneses, you might be disappointed."

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Muffins12231756d ago

This reviewer fails,same person who gives cod a 10 when he complains about halo having the same god damn formula,please dont approve this garbage...

smashcrashbash1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Why call it garbage? Because he gave it a lower score then anyone else? He just thought they didn't try hard enough to make it different

LOGICWINS1756d ago

It's the Internetz

Differing opinion = garbage opinion

Skeletor881756d ago

They're opinions aren't justified. How many games really change drastically over the course of a decade? These guys gave Tekken Tag 2 a 9 even though it's the same game from 1995.

Most importantly they gave fucking Call of Duty a 9. Halo needs to try harder but the yearly rehash of COD is worthy of a 9?

No wonder no one respects EGM

TENTONGUN1756d ago

sometimes when a franchise changes its formula its not for the better. resident evil comes to mind. its halo and i expect halo. i understand maybe an evolution next gen would be needed. but im down with this last halo game on the 360

aviator1891756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

I normally am not outspoken about these reviews, but this review truly is unsettling. Want to know why?

They gave Modern Warfare 3 a 9.0, a game in which literally nothing changed, introduced noting new to the franchise, and really played it safe, while they are now bashing Halo 4 with a 7.0, claiming that the game needs to try harder with changes and improvements. Sound hypocritical to you?

Here's everything new in Halo 4: Spartan Ops (free weekly chapters of missions up to 50 missions total, turret defense style dominion mode, several much needed and enhancing features in forge including dynamic lighting that pairs up the environment lighting with object placement among other key features such as magnets to make forging incredibly intuitive and easy, brand new leveling system, 3 incredibly diverse forge worlds each with unique forge pieces, an actual flood mode where they took the time to give your character a claw and flood skin, etc. I could literally go on and on about the changes and new introductions in Halo 4 new to the series.)

StanLee1756d ago

The problem with reviews from many sites is inconsistency but different reviewers have different opinions of games. That's why if you're looking at review scores to decide on a purchase, you look at a consensus; What's the prevailing opinion. The prevailing opinion is, Halo 4 kicks a**!

Intentions1756d ago

yet he gives a high score for cod when it is the same game every year

DatNJDom811756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

My my so many tears. Get over it. The reviewer didn't like it so what? Buy it if you're a fan.

"He gave halozzz a lowz scorez." Shut up. 7 is good. That means its as good as Killzone. :P

mewhy321755d ago

Wow...this from a guy that gave cod a 10. Move on.

gaffyh1755d ago

Well, what I've gathered from all these reviews so far is this:

If you like Halo, you will like Halo 4.
If you've never liked Halo, you still won't like Halo 4.
If you were on the fence, Halo 4 is worth checking out.

kikizoo1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Look at the cry babies, when you have mathematics proof than edge and others are biased toward ps3, donwplaying the best games this gen, they are saying "move on, it's just opinion, don't be a fanboy" and now, look at the comments here, and the agree/disagrees here XD

[email protected] fanatics like straighpath :
"one of the highest games games all year and all time
one of the highest rated games this year"

roflmao !
really, frustrated gamers/haters without great exclusives, best hardware, and paying for online, are obviously the worst..

FACTUAL evidence1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

@ Skeletor88

Every Tekken was NEVER the same. I'm sorry pal, but you honestly need to think of a different franchise. I could name so many changes in Tekken it's not even funny. I just think you needed the latest review from them to try to pull a point, but Tekken has never been the same. Try again. I can almost tell you're not a Tekken fan, or hardly play.

miyamoto1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )


sometimes when the original creators leave a successful franchise its not for the better resident evil comes in mind

that's a fact

but no one is stopping any gamer to enjoy their games just because some people did not like it


The original creative director wanted to take the series to a new direction but M$ wanted it to remain the same and does not want to make risky changes to the same formula and it shows in the reviews

some people want to play the same game over and over that is fine

some people want to play a new & different game that is fine too

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smashcrashbash1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

Damn it. Double post

IAMERROR1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

This reviewer is incredibly biased and wants Halo to be a COD clone with a Halo skin. I'm not saying this because I'm a Halo fan, I saying this because it is blatantly apparent by this man's review. EGM should honestly fire this guy or at least delete the review and have someone who isn't biased review the game. Here's a lil quote that made me laugh.
"These low points are openly exacerbated by the series’ staunch refusal to get with the times when it comes to game mechanics and level design, ignoring obvious enhancements like big-ticket sequences and proper iron-sights mechanics in favor of their age-old addiction to slow, methodical combat in unnecessarily large environments."

dillydadally1756d ago

Wow. Just wow. Anyone who complains about Halo not having iron sights should not be reviewing a halo game. It shows they don't understand the game nor its style of gameplay at all. Millions of people roll their eyes when they read that. He loses all credibility as a games journalist immediately with a paragraph like that.

In addition, its just plain stupid to say Halo 4 hasn't changed. There has not been an FPS sequel in years with this much change from its last numbered entry. Its been completely reworked by 343i to the point many fanboys are screaming its no longer even Halo at all! The engine, sound, and motion capture has been nearly doubled in quality! That alone was enough to make Battlefield 3 considered an amazing sequel, despite few other changes. Its obvious this man wanted it to be a completely different game that would completely abandon the gameplay elements that makes it hugely successful and loved. Fire this idiot, or at least never let him touch a halo game again!

ZombieNinjaPanda1755d ago

It's funny, iron sights makes games slower than Halo. You have to stop all movement just to ADS and then aim at your target. Last I checked that's not fast gameplay.

Christopher1755d ago

***EGM should honestly fire this guy or at least delete the review and have someone who isn't biased review the game. Here's a lil quote that made me laugh.***

Just FYI, every review is "biased". What you're essentially saying is they should replace his review with someone who fits your personal bias, meaning a score you feel is better representative of Halo 4.

Sounds like we're ignoring the idea of personal opinion, here.

IAMERROR1755d ago

No, I support personal opinion but professional reviews shouldn't be biased. Not every reviewer is biased, case in point, I'm not.

IAMERROR1755d ago

I'm not saying that the review is biased because he doesn't agree with me (I don't even have an opinion on the game yet), I'm saying that because the reasons he has are just ridiculous, expecting iron sights in Halo and other things is like expecting Mario to have speedy gameplay like Sonic. Halo has already implemented modern things like the ability to sprint and to have custom classes but he wants Halo to not even be Halo anymore. The grade itself (7/10) isn't even the bad nor the beef people have with this review. This guy came into this wanting it to be a COD clone, and this is very evident. I don't care whether this review agrees or disagrees with me (Like I said I don't even have an opinion about Halo 4 yet) there have been other reviews that are more in depth and give real criticisms, this review comes off as a shallow attempt to generate views (in which is succeeded). Feel free to message me your response if you'd like so I can respond(used up me comments).

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JasonXS121756d ago

It wouldn't be a sequel if it didn't have the same formula. IF SAY Mass Effect 2 had an RPG formula but Mass Effect 3 had RTS formula then it wouldn't be considered a sequel, more of a crappy spin-off.
Now I myself don't personally play Halo but according to testimonials from friends and positive attitudes towards the Halo franchise, I find a 7/10 hard to believe for such a popular game.

Heavenly King1755d ago

M$ did not paid them that is all. They paid IGN and other major websites to rate it 9 plus, but did not paid other sites. And that is why it is getting this score.

This is how the industry works if you have not realized that yet.

chukamachine1755d ago

Shh, don't tell them the truth.

Quick pack your stuff and hide. Microsoft has sent out it's ninja's for you.

PimpDaddy1755d ago

So is this the same theory for Sony and Nintendo too??? Or is Microsoft the only evil empire in your conspiracy theory???

starchild1755d ago

Do you have a shred of proof?

Thought not. Moron.

For the most part I find that games that receive high critical acclaim are by and large the better games once I actually play them for myself.

Now, I haven't played Halo 4 yet, but the vast majority of reviews have been extremely positive so I have little doubt that it will be an exceptional game.

adorie1755d ago

Well, damn. CoD gets to ride a 9 while a great game like Halo 4 gets a 7?

Color me pissed off. I'm not even a Halo fan,but I've played this game recently (review copy) and thought it was a 9 easily.

Graphics, sound, presentation and gameplay were all great and felt a little more fluid compared to past Halo games.

W/e at the end of the day these reviews are just glorified opinions.

ZombieNinjaPanda1755d ago

I'd give it an 8.5 max. It had a lot of flaws, gameplay and story wise that would detract. And multiplayer additions that are stupid imo.

legionsoup1755d ago

Since when was a 7 a poor score? That's above average.

All of this EGM bashing makes me sad, as a gamer who's been around for a long time...

Blastoise1755d ago

Reviews are different these days. A 7 is more or less garbage.

Back in the day only THE very best games got 9's ect. Super Mario 64, Ocarina of time, Final fantasy VII & IX, Metal gear solid ect

These days anything gets critical acclaim, and this is why everyone is going crazy over a 7, what was once a good score now just doesnt mean the same...

lategamer1755d ago

It's not about the score, it's about the text. The reviewer basically wants the game to go from Halo to Call of Duty. He wants more scripted events, less "open spaces" because its pointless, and he wants ADS.

And thats not Halo. Halo is one of the few games left that are similar to Quake and other Arcade Arena shooters.

StraightPath1755d ago

this review is pathetic cant believe accepted in metacritic. well no one really cares about this sole one persons poor review. Halo 4 will go on to be

one of the highest games games all year and all time

one of the highest rated games this year

a killer exclusive returns for xbox 360.

only available on xbox 360 tuesday 6th cant come soon enough!!