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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Collector’s Edition Teased?

Looks like players may have a PlayStation All-Stars Collector’s Edition to look forward to after all. (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

Hard to tell
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KingOptimus-X  +   618d ago
Please be true.
Army_of_Darkness  +   618d ago
yeah, but what's better would be..
image if the collectors edition had all the latest installments of games from each character in the game! That would be insane!
TreMillz  +   618d ago
That would be Expensive!
Jinkies  +   618d ago
Hopefully...one we a steelbook aswell

Maybe a statue with all the fighters on it (excluding Dante...we all know why) and maybe an added season pass so all the DLC that comes out will be free.
prototypeknuckles  +   618d ago
i agree on everything, except for a season pass, its just that most of the time they seem like a cash in
Tonester925  +   618d ago
Cash in? If you're going to buy all the DLC then a Season Pass is the way to go for $10 less.
Blastoise  +   617d ago
(In response to your other comment)

Amazon - PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Steelbook
Purchase PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on PS3 at Amazon.co.uk and you'll receive a limited edition, Amazon-exclusive Steelbook designed by illustrator Robert Ball. The steelbook surrounds the regular PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale packaging.
Jinkies  +   617d ago
Yeah I saw that, now it does, when I posted that it didn't

Well theres goes my free copy :)
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braydox21  +   615d ago
is it because he's a emo and togehterness is not his thing?
RmanX1000  +   618d ago
If there were a Collector's Edition, wouldnt it have been announced by now? Having an unheard of CE of the game a mere 3 weeks before it launches seems really odd.
sinncross  +   618d ago
and slightly frustrating. There is a collectors edition tin on Amazon.

But i want to know because i want to pre-order the game (for the costumes) but if I can get a CE instead then I will do that instead.

Jinkies  +   618d ago
See I ordered that Steelbook on Amazon but the thing is it dosent list it as a Steelbook edition...it's just the normal pre order page with the Steelbook shown on the pictures.

It's confusing...however I've steel pre ordered it, I've screenshot the page so if it dosent come as a steelbook I'll complain to Amazon about false advertising and they might give me the game for free :D
MaverickStar7  +   618d ago
Hes not serious. Hes acknowledging the nice artwork by making a nod towards a hypothetical Criterion release like they do with movies. Don't read too much into everything guys.
Bay  +   618d ago
This question has been asked several times, to which they've just said no, there won't be one.
Neo Nugget  +   618d ago
I think they're just overanalyzing the tweet ;)
abzdine  +   618d ago
there is an exclusive version on amazon.

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Neo Nugget  +   618d ago
Aaaaand the winner for ugliest box art goes to...!
josephayal  +   618d ago
jetpacksheep  +   618d ago
It would be great if you got a mini "top trumps" set of cards featuring all the characters with the collectors edition, its a bonus that would suit this game nicely.
jwk94  +   617d ago
He was obviously kidding.
Rockefellow  +   617d ago
Whoever wrote this article was probably trolling for hits here, but either way, he's a colossal moron. Even if he didn't have any idea what a Criterion Collection was, he could have used Google for a few seconds and figured out that this was Seth's way of complimenting the creator of the art, not hinting at anything.

tl;dr what an idiot.
Avalanche  +   617d ago
only a moron would believe this. the game comes out in 2weeks.... jackasses

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