PS4, High Price with High Specs or Low Price with Low Specs?

As 2012 comes to an end and news of the next PS4 slowly starts to be leaked and rumored, the Daily Reaction crew of Dan and Seb crunch the numbers and discuss Sony’s future pricing structure.

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doctorstrange2204d ago

As much as I want the greatest tech ever, I gotta be realistic. I love PlayStation, and for them to succeed they can't be too expensive.

Foolsjoker2204d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure I can work any more jobs to afford a new console.

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camel_toad2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Doctor Strange and Foolsjoker reported as TOTALLY F*@#ING NUTS. Lol nice conversation.

MikeMyers2204d ago

How about High Specs at a Low Price?

LackTrue4K2204d ago

lol.....wait WAIT WAIT!!!
didn't this happen yesterday too?! are you the same ones that commented on the uncharted picture?! lol....

knowyourstuff2204d ago

lol people are willing to pay 700 bucks every year for the newest smartphone, but if Sony charged that much for its PS4 every whiny gamer on the planet would cry about it, even though those smartphones cost about 100 bucks to make, whereas the PS4 will likely be sold at a loss given how expensive it is to manufacture right out of the gate.
It's like gamers are still making money off a paper route and can't afford anything more than 500 bucks... lol and they say this industry has "grown up".

badz1492204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

the change of words between doctorstrange and Foolsjoker is hillarious!

props for spending your bubbles to entertain the others and let those with lesser amount of bubbles talk on the topic lol!

on topic, why can't we have something relatively high spec with good price? Sony did proved it with the Vita, so why can't the PS4 be the same?

Tsar4ever012204d ago

I'm hoping for decent/moderate specs for medium price point. $350-$450.

R6ex2204d ago

Many console gamers have become high-spec PC gamers. And good PCs cost $2000 or more.

So, please, make the PS4 a powerful machine. Otherwise, converted PC gamers may not be converted back to consoles.

subtenko2204d ago

As the good Merchant would say "Ahhh I'll buy it at a high prRiiiCE!"

As long as its under $600. I dont want Sony acting like Nintendo. Sony is supposed to be Sony and stay Sony. Thats what I want. I want Uncharted, The Last of Us, LBP3, Agent, Kara all of that stuff and more. PlayStation is PlayStation. "Thannnnk Youuuu" (- Merchant guy not shoenice..)

Autodidactdystopia2204d ago

If you guys were smart you would not give a F&^K as long as you demand an SSD.

SSD is where its at. its the single most underpowered portion of a console. an ssd would drop loadtimes to 1/4 of what they are now.

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kudakadere2204d ago

That's very true , if the Wii U or Next xbox have a lower price tag people will chose them over the PlayStation , yes hardcore gamers will experience amazing tech on the Ps4 but at the cost of Sony financial expense . I can see Sony going for higher and higher tech as it's their motto essentially .

R6ex2204d ago

I'm not even buying the Wii U piece of junk.

Its low-spec and for kids.

R6ex2204d ago

I'm not even buying the Wii U piece of junk.

Its low-spec and the games are for kids.

LackTrue4K2204d ago

@topic, that is a good question....
"Ima go with good tech"

chaos-lockheart2204d ago

Prepare to get a high specs, Sony is a company that likes to go forward not backwards.

miyamoto2204d ago

my thoughts exactly,

they are the only ones pushing forwards no matter what the cost

Raoh2204d ago

Pretty much what Chaos-lockheart said.

But people need not freak out.

Sony has learned their lessons with pricing. (at least we hope so). Rather than just a high spec machine for the sake of making a high spec machine, many internal and external

There is no physical media war this time. Blu Ray is the last physical media format with increased layers as needed.

Their Exclusives war chest is larger than ever.


Not only are they listening to gamers/critics about online features (see ps vita) the purchase of Gaikai adds to those features as well as makes it easier to utilize existing patents than creating new ones or paying licences to competitors.

Playstation plus is a huge success.

Rage_S902204d ago

All indication point to it being a lot weaker then the 720.

TAURUS-5552204d ago

the 720 and its ring of death v2.0

chaos-lockheart2204d ago

what indications, nothing has even came out yet. Besides so what if it's a little lower specs then the next Microsoft console, will Sony not support their system if it is? We will still have games to play on it. Hardware and graphically will still be improved.

TAURUS-5552204d ago

i also love all about PS, who cares about graphics? we want big smooth games, shooters capable of 60v60 online lots of options, etc

wishingW3L2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

you need better specs for that and an APU would be only marginally better than what we have now with the PS3 and Xbox.

lonesoul652204d ago

You have to look at the overall investment you are making. If it is a well made product, I think that $600 bucks for a console is reasonable. I would much rather have something top of the line so in 6 years, its still worth a damn.

xtremeimport2204d ago

the best thing the ps4 has going for it which should help keep the price down is that Blu-ray is no longer new tech and wont cost a lot to implement into every console. the ps3's internals were also based on new unique tech. Sony took a gamble with innovation on the ps3. At first it didnt pay off, but theres no denying it being an incredible piece of hardware.

i hope they dont turn into an Apple and continue to price high with all their new products. Ps4 should come in around $350-$400 at launch if not less. But seeing as the Vita was $250..cant really help but think a full blown console will be at least a $100 more.

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LX-General-Kaos2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

This seems to be a very difficult balance and sensitive subject.

Everyone wants to talk the talk of wanting high specs, but nobody wants to pay for it. I am one of the minority that would pay a premium for pretty much any console if the games are there. I personally would say go with high specs and high price but usually a high price gets low sales. It is always the cheaper platform that enjoys the lucrative sales. Product moves from the shelves at a faster rate, while developer support is usually superior due to increased install base. Every high priced high spec platform that I can remember has always had a moderate install base with mediocre developer support.

If the Vita and early days of the PS3 are any indication of what would happen with high price and high specs. I would choose low for the greater good of the corporation. If you are forced to sell at a high price you are likely taking a loss on units sold as well. Making it difficult to drop the price of the unit in case of emergency.

Rated E For Everyone

Foolsjoker2204d ago

Realistically the majority doesn't care about specs, they just want games. Specs are mainly used as tools by a bunch of tools who want to start a flame war.

The PS4's extra gagaflops and Tetrisbits are going to ruin the 720 next-gen!

LX-General-Kaos2204d ago

You are right. Not even developers care about specs if the masses purchase their product.

thorstein2204d ago

Indeed, but don't forget about the PS4's Megalomanibytes of Ramtasticness and it's 10 Terrabit GPS!

Of course, the Xbox 1080 is going to have more pixelations per square yardage on the televisor screens and at least 1 uber-ergonomic comptroller.

ZoyosJD2204d ago

Aww...I thought you were over that "Rated E for Everyone" gimmick and were trying to present yourself in a sensible manner.

OT: If the PS4 uses an APU and a separate graphics card as I expect the power per price will be really surprising.

The game engines have already set the bar; It's just up to the console manufacturers to match it.

Those gamers crying for next gen right now may not realize it, but another year or two until release means the difference between 1080p in 3D to [email protected] at the price point that is generally agreed upon.

The 720 and PS4 have to aim for the $400-500 price point to appease the different groups that regularly support their products.

As good as games have gotten only a few have even scratched the surface of scale and detail I would eventually like to see in-game.

R6ex2204d ago

Having bought a $2000 gaming PC, what's a $700 PS4, right?

knifefight2204d ago

For me it depends mostly on the games, I think. Don't get me wrong, I love me some sweet sweet graphics, and it's true that choppy framerates and slowdown/lag can take away from some experiences. Oh my yes. But as long as THAT can be avoided, games will sell me the system.

And as sad as it is to admit, while *I* might see the value in paying more, and people reading this site might see the value in paying more, the market at large usually doesn't (history shows). They might have to hold back a little bit on tech in order to keep costs lower.
But then, hey, this is all speculation of 1 gamer so....

kudakadere2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

Make it like the 360 , not absolutely crazy tech but enough to satisfy at a reasonable price . Yes i love Uncharted but a lot of people who didnt have 360's missed out .

Nitrowolf22204d ago

"Yes i love Uncharted but a lot of people who didnt have 360's missed out "

I think you mean PS3, and even if the PS3 was exactly like 360 in terms of development and price, they would have still missed out

greenpowerz2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

"Make it like the 360 , not absolutely crazy tech but enough to satisfy at a reasonable price "

You mean make it like the 360 because the tech was designed better for developers.

360 Has The Witcher 2, Skyrim, Halo 4, Forza 4 and Horizon, Crysis 2. All these games are the most demanding and technically advanced games this generation due to a mix of size, scope, openess, graphical fidelity or a combonation of(most technically advanced multi plats that are open and look good thrive on the 360)

You base your opinion on linear, QTE, static, fixed camra angle, stripped down features and social design types of games.

The xbox hardware isnt settling for price, it's just smartly designed without a HD disc drive adding to half of its cost.



There is a reason MSFT is rolling out a 360 payment plan test run, MSFT has too put expensive powerful hardware in the 360 to do all the things they're planning and to make sure no other console is more capable.

MSFT won't do a real 360 price drop because they're preparing for the massive hit they're going to take with the 720. MSFT is milking the 360 price due to high demand for the 360 in preperation of 720.

Flewid6382204d ago

What's wrong with QTE, static, fixed camera angle, games? It's humanly impossible for this type of experience to be good?

Vickistheman2204d ago

I'd like to see a $399 price point. Sony should aim to cram whatever tech they can at that price. It should still be decent, nothing ground breaking like the PS3 but something that'll perform up to par with the NextBox.