This Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation Glitch Created an Anti-Gravity Alligator

Newly released Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation photos show a bug, which causes elevators to walk on air.


Description should read "alligators to walk on air, not elevators", sorry for the mistake.

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GameTechZero1338d ago

haha this is crazy. But very funny.

Conzul1338d ago

description says "elevators to walk on air"


maximus19851338d ago

Didn't you guys know? Alligators could fly back in those days. What you call a glitch I call historically accurate

GenericNameHere1338d ago

That must explain ducks then! Some of them migrated, and evolved.
Alligators: Likes dirty water, have feet, have snouts, no wings, walks on 4 legs, no wings, dirty and brown
Ducks: Likes clean water, have feet, have beaks, get wings, walks on 2 legs, get wings, white and clean

Ducks retained a few of it's Alligator genes, but also gained new ones!
This is a scientific breakthrough!! :O

ZoyosJD1338d ago

"which causes -->elevators<-- to walk on air."

Someone correct this bug.

BlaqMagiq241337d ago

I could've sworn I saw alligators walking on air in the history books.