Closer look at how Wii U retail games will look

Some Wii U game boxes have popped up in stores like EB Games and show a closer look at how the back and spine of Wii U game boxes will look when they hit stores.

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DarkBlood2232d ago

wish this happen in canada lol id pick up nsmbu and zombiu immediatly

mrbojingles2232d ago

I wish! I'll hopefully pick up Zombi U on the 13th if shops sell it early

DarkBlood2232d ago

yeah im looking for wiiu screen protectors lol so far nothing yet

BringingTheThunder2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

these are just filler, will most certainly be changing up before launch.

sidenote, this is very poorly written:

"They backs of the boxes"

"though we’ve know"

ronin4life2232d ago

Just saw this on Nintendo everything. Reminds me of the 3ds boxes in layout and with the games symbol on the spine.

metroidfusion22232d ago

@DarkBlood A japanese company is making some and I think someone is making some I think for the u.s. etc but don't know when they will be available probably att launch or later