Patapon Hands-On Impressions - Gamer 2.0

Chris Selogy of Gamer 2.0 writes, "It's nice to see these quirky games appearing just before the onslaught of great, more traditional titles that are about to hit the PSP in the near future. Not only does it bring you back to the system and keep you interested, but having God of War and the next Final Fantasy VII spin-off coming out within the next month is sure to keep PSP owners entertained until the next big console releases hit in April.

Anyway, Patapon is the next big game coming out of Sony's camp that not only has the unique visual style that games like Loco Roco have, but features gameplay that infuses rhythm and tactical strategy for a deeper experience than you'd expect from just a quick glance at the game. We got our hands on the demo, which gives us much hope that we'll be dancing to the beat of a different drum later this month."

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FilippoDinolfo3751d ago

This game still looks weird to me. Charming, but weird.

AnthonyPerez3751d ago

Much like LocoRoco, which I really enjoyed.