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Submitted by Jinkies 1196d ago | news

Ninja Theory: Capcom Didn't Want To Make Devil May Cry 5

Capcom didn't just want to make another Devil May Cry sequel according to DmC studio Ninja Theory

Devil May Cry 5 was never in Capcom's thinking when it decided to return to the over-the-top action franchise, according to Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades. (Capcom, DmC: Devil May Cry, Industry, Ninja Theory, PS3, Xbox 360)

jc48573  +   1196d ago
Capcom is too greedy. just because DMC4 didn't sell to their expectations, then they decide to find other methods to revive it. They want to break it even with 7 million per game.
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DukeN13   1196d ago | Spam
AsheXII  +   1196d ago
its not about being greedy, if they were they wouldn't be investing in this reboot and starting over from scratch. Its about franchise exhaustion.
thaking155  +   1195d ago
Or the fact that they weren't adaquate in progressing the story along in which that's why they kept making reboots (hense DMC 3&4)

Congrats Capcom you officially graduated to the levels of BUMS!!!

You lost alot of fans when you took Devil May Cry and did not progress into a sequel for DMC5 but made another Prequel (this time for real rebooting it unlike the attempt you made with DMC 4 and Nero) and the making of RE 5 and made it worse with RE6. The Lost Planet games had potential and that went down the toilet, haven't made another Onimusha game since Dawn of Dreams (how everything is going at Capcom, PLEASE DON'T MAKE ANOTHER ONE BECAUSE YOU WILL SCREW IT UP SOMEHOW like all other games from the GEN)

Seriously, Devil May Cry still has the fans and yes may needed to get refreshed a bit but that's why you test out different gameplay mechanics and try something new. "Oh wanted to reboot but keep the gameplay/combat ummm ok, that makes alot of sense.... Not!

Devil May Cry 5 is what everyone was waiting on and with Ninja Theory taking the helm everyone including me was on board because at the very least they can do stories very well (I admit that one! I would've been fine with them or Santa Monica aka GoW developers doing the game) but rebooting when the game still has a story says oh we don't know where to go with the story now and we've lost vision of the franchise. Give the rights back to it's back to the original creator, because he can for SURE progress the story along and bring some relevancy back to DMC.
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BigBoss1964  +   1196d ago
I wonder why......
Blaze929  +   1196d ago
They need to make a new got damn Onimusha...
bayonetta  +   1196d ago
Ninja Theory :
"What was very clear was they didn’t want to make Devil May Cry 5. They didn’t want to make something that looked like the previous four, " Antoniades said during NowGamer's recent visit to the studio. "They wanted a new entry point into the series with a different perspective, which is why they came to us."

DmC is a prequel which reboots the series with protagonist Dante depicted as a young man - but Capcom was less comfortable with rebooting the gameplay mechanics.

"Whereas Capcom Japan gave us quite a lot of leeway on the story, setting and starting the franchise again, if you like, on the combat they were very hands-on," Antoniades explained. "Combat, enemies, bosses, they were very hands-on. They visit us maybe every six to eight weeks or so. They bring Itsuno-san, who is the director of 2, 3 and 4, and they’d sit with our designers and animators and pore through every detail of combat and mechanics.

"That was kind of the division of responsibility, if you like. We were charged with reinventing the world and the character, and they were in charge of ensuring we understood the philosophy of Devil May Cry combat and effectively make a Japanese combat game within a Western story."
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Jinkies  +   1196d ago
"and they were in charge of ensuring we understood the philosophy of Devil May Cry combat and effectively make a Japanese combat game within a Western story."

Well Capcom failed their job since NT obviously don't have a clue about DMC. I mean Half devil, half angel....REALLY.
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Hufandpuf  +   1196d ago
Alternate reality, and it's a game. Who cares if they mix it up a little.
Croash  +   1196d ago
Well Jinkies, it appears you do not even try to understand what you read.

Let's take another look at that quote.

"We were charged with --> reinventing the world and the character, <--

and they were in charge of ensuring we understood the
--> philosophy of Devil May Cry combat <--

and effectively make a --> Japanese combat <--

game within a --> Western story <--."

Half devil, half angel?
Yes, really.

(Edit) Or as Hufandpuf's avatar would say :
Quite really ;)
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MilkMan  +   1196d ago
Games is gonna sell millions, just like Resident Evil 6 did. Hell, I hated DMC 1, 2 and 3 and 4 I liked Bayonetta much more than these, but this new DMC has peeked my interest. So Ill give it a spin.
Tontus  +   1195d ago
It probably won't sell millions even if it's fantastic. DMC4 on all platforms struggled to reach about 2.5 million and this game won't reach near that due to it being a reboot, a different developer, legs will be cut short by the approach of next gen and this game has A LOT of competition next year.

I've never liked the DMC franchise mostly because I hate Japanese games (their films are good though) but this new DmC looks great so I hope it does well, if not Ninja Theory are probably finished since all of their past games have flopped which would be a shame.
TheMutator  +   1196d ago
chiwoo  +   1195d ago
They could have done a virgil orgins story for 5 to win back the fans that would have been awesome.
yewles1  +   1195d ago
Shifting blame, damage control...
prototypeknuckles  +   1195d ago
Exactly, except now its double reverse damage control.
Enigma_2099  +   1195d ago
I don't give a d*** either way. The original redesign of Dante looked like you, Tameem, and it sucked.
timeon11111111111  +   1193d ago
Games flop because they used tons of money on graphics etc.

Look at Portal game, it was released as a small game: but now it's growing.

Small games>big games.

Because big games are produced by greedy comnpanies like Capcom who RECYCLE old shit with NEW GRAPHIC.

Look at DmC:

- Motion capture

No TurboMode
No HardLock
No Taunt
30 FPS vs 60 FPS for sake of "enviroment"

so yeah games will fail because they are same old shit. or because they suck when it comes to gameplay.
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