Wii U: Evolving The Two Screen Experience

GenGAME writes: Although it wasn’t an entirely new concept, the DS changed the face of gaming with its two screen gameplay. Having a secondary screen that could be operated with simple touch controls simplified existing gameplay ideas while creating new, more complicated ones. The immense success of the DS made incorporating a second screen into the 3DS a no-brainer, but with the Wii U Nintendo is taking a bit more of a risk. Unlike any previous home console, the Wii U is making two screen gaming a major focal point. Nintendo is hoping that the two screen gameplay that has been so well received on the DS and 3DS will translate into success for the Wii U as well, but that’s not necessarily a guarantee.

Bringing a second screen to the forefront of console gaming is going to be a challenge for Nintendo. It will certainly offer a lot of potential advantages and open up new gameplay possibilities, but it won’t be as easy to implement as it was on the DS. How well the Wii U is received depends on Nintendo’s ability to evolve the ideas they started on the DS in order to make them just as fun and accessible as they are on a handheld system.

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legendoflex2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

I think the DS comparison misses what makes Wii U so unique, and as such I'm glad you addressed it. I think people forget that because Wii U is a home console, there is a large screen, which is shared and seen by everyone, and a small screen, which is in the hands of a single player and out of sight.

With the DS, the second screen was mostly for displaying information and offering an alternative form of input. With Wii U, however, you open up possibilities in terms of other players "not seeing what you see" and being able to influence the tone and tempo of the game in that way. Previously the only real way to do this when playing with others in the same room was via LAN or via linking up handheld systems; now this dynamic has basically been built into the home console with Wii U.

mcstorm2238d ago

I agree with what you just said and i really like the idea of the wiiu and in 4 weeks mine will be delivered and i get to see my self how good the console is.

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Benjamminkno2238d ago

Nintendo already have a slew of games it's holding back in this regard. The Gamepad is light enough to lift in peripheral with the television many times duering gameplay. There are so many possibilities when playing with other people, I would think Nintendo is having a blast coming up with all their new ideas.

I can't see how people don't recognize the innovation in this idea. This is ideal for any type of game, it doesn't matter what it is. This would allow first person games a 360 degree point of view by simply moving the controller. Why are there so many nay-sayers? Are people tired of Nintendo coming up with new ideas?
They may have struck gold with this one, that is, if the world is ready.

WiiUalpha2237d ago

I tried it out yesterday at Gamestop and have to say I am looking forward to getting it. The controller was nothing like some Sony fanboys have been going around saying. It felt comfortable and sturdy. Really was bigger than I was expecting but also fit nicely in my hands. played Rayman and honestly I really enjoyed the game and the music that went along with it.