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"In the end, Code of Princess is one of those bad games where they hope the scantily-clad protagonist will distract you from the game’s many flaws. The best part of the game is the non-gameplay part. If there was a way to skip the fighting stuff and just watch the cutscenes, that’d be nice. Still, I’d have to admit the cutscenes aren’t that great; I’d probably be more entertained watching an episode of Family Feud." -- Michael Gray

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jacksonmichael2235d ago

Wouldn't it be great if there was a kind of entertainment where you didn't have to give any input? Where you just watch? That would be great.

... Geh.

GreenRanger2235d ago

Be careful not to dress too heavily there, sweetheart.
You might smother yourself.

2235d ago
klecser2234d ago

Once again, we have somebody reviewing a niche game who doesn't understand the niche....or the game. This game is no 10, or 9, but if you're considering buying it, ignore this review.

Hicken2232d ago

Funny how often that's happening these days. But people are putting increasingly more importance on reviews.

Bad combination.