You don’t have to play horror games to pee your pants in fear

Several decidedly non-horror games contain levels that will dampen your pants just as well as any fright-focused title.

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barefootgamer2208d ago

I still think Thief 3's Shalebridge level should've made the list.

ninjahunter2208d ago

Lol, holy cow, back when thief 3 was fairly new, you know you would run around badassing everything, then you got to that freaking level. XD I quit playing for like 2 months, came back restarted the game, got there again and quit for another month then finally beat the level sneaking at 0.000001mph XD
That shizzle was scurry.

Lifeequals422208d ago

I always found the sniper battle in MGS3 rather creepy.

Snookies122208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Lol, it's okay though... You can just save your game and wait a week for The End to die of natural causes anyway.

Cam9772208d ago

Hahaha, REALLY? I'm playing it on the Vita so when I get there I'll just let the End die of natural causes. Thanks!

Snookies122208d ago

@Cam977 - Lol yep, you can save, quit out, set the date a week later and go back in to find him dead. XD

Irishguy952208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

This is the pussies way out. The end boss battle is one of the best in gaming, do yourself a favor and don't skip it.

Jus sayin'

Snookies122208d ago

@Irishguy95 - Nothing wrong with it, though I do recommend beating him the normal way first before doing it.

NOTE: You can also kill him before the boss battle. The first time you see him in the game, at that dock area. Just pull out a sniper and get a good shot in lol.

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wita2208d ago

Nice! Always love these moments in games -- you just don't expect them, and that makes them scarier than half the actual horror games out there. :P

JeffGrubb2208d ago

The Wampas in Shadow of the Empire = pee in my whitey tighties!

IaMs122207d ago

Yes! My favorite Star Wars game

Cam9772208d ago

A bit off topic, but I loved BULLY when the seasons changed! I would love a HD re-release of BULLY or at least the "Scholarship edition" on Ps3.

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