C&C Red Alert 3 coming to PC, X360 and PS3

EA has today announced the development of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a PC beta set for later this year.

In development at EA LA, Red Alert 3 is promising to break new ground in the RTS genre, featuring a fully cooperative campaign while maintaining the series' action-orientated gameplay.

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TheExecutive3685d ago

make keyboard and mouse support for the ps3 HAPPEN. seriously.

P4KY B3685d ago

I hope the PS3 gets mouse support.

The 360 never will.

I now have 4 games on my must have PS3 radar. RA3, GTA5, RFOM2 and LBP.

TheExecutive3685d ago

yep. they ought to do it too. It would sell better on the ps3 then it would w/o k&m support. Its to the PC if it doesnt support it.

XiaoSet3685d ago

What? PS3 supports keyboard and mouse already... I use it for Yellow Dog, because you can't use your controller using an OS like that, lol..

You probably mean KB/M support for the actual game.

CrazzyMan3685d ago

If PS3 will support keybord/mouse, i`m iN! =)
Otherwise pc only.

p.s. and bring my 5th bubble BACK!

Bladestar3685d ago

Keyboard and mouse support for consoles? Why? do you know that RTS on consoles need to be dumb down in terms of graphics compared to the PC versions simply because of RAM, memory differences between the PC and the consoles? Take Supreme commander for example, they had to dumb down the textures and remove some very large maps... they also added some console only goodies so people are not disapointed.

If you are so against using the console controllers, though as proven by already existing RTS games on the xbox 360 like C&C, LOR it's doable, why the hell would you buy a dumb down version of an RTS game you can get on the PC... I have LOR and C&C on the PC and on the xbox 360... I play both... I gotten so used to playing with an xbox 360 controller that it's natural... the same can be said about FPS... some people can never get used to them on consoles.

If you are going to buy a console game to play it with your keyboard why not get the PC version? PS3 fans mentality is strange on this one.... this game on the PC would probably require like 1-2 GB of memory and therefore offer larger maps, more units, etc...

Why would developers make a dumb down version of a game put it on a console and add keyboard support... anyone wanting to use a keyboard and mouse to play on a console is because they are used to playing PC games and therefore already own a PC... they would just buy the PC version.

base on some of you comments I doubt this game will sell well on the PS3... this will probably be the game that proves if making RTS games on the PS3 is a good idea... so far xbox 360 gamers love RTS game on it... they are buying them.... developers know that... I hope PS3 fans welcome the genre to the PS3.. since it will translate to more RTS games on consoles (my favorite genre) for all. but I doubt it... PS fans are still have scars from previous attempt to bring RTS to the playstation brand.

anh_duong3685d ago

if they want keyboard and mouse then why not?? you ain't their mother - so no point telling them they don't need it..

anh_duong3685d ago

"PS3 fans mentality is strange on this one.... this game on the PC would probably require like 1-2 GB of memory and therefore offer larger maps, more units, etc..."

this is why ALL ps3 have a hard disk for caching

Bill Gates3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Bro you are such a HATER. Seriously man, give it a rest. The PS3 WILL have keyboard and mouse support, and yes that will make it a superior version to the 360 version.

"Why would developers make a dumb down version of a game put it on a console and add keyboard support..."

PC gaming is declining, and maybe some of these companies would like to remain in business hence a lot of these franchises are being made on consoles. UT3 for the PS3 is just as good as the PC version.

Give it up kid.

LastDance3685d ago

This is good news i love C&C...

Bladestar you are so funny!!!

It just so happens my computer wont be able to run C&C RA3 ...Oh what was that...did i just see your entire argument go out the window?

Statix3685d ago

Answer: Not everyone has a gaming PC. Therefore, a PS3 version is a worthy alternative.

ud3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing yourself with your meaningless anti-ps3 comments

TheExecutive3685d ago

Hey bladestar, you wanna buy me a computer? I didnt think so. Options, its all about options.

OH and i can guarantee you that the PS3 could handle anything RA3 has to offer. Its an RTS for god sakes. Get over it. It doesnt NEED to be dumbed down, but I am sure it WILL be.

Based on your comment its that time of the month again.

heyheyhey3685d ago

if someone cam up to you and said "do you want just controller support or controller and kb/m support" which would you pick?

as you 360 fans like to point out- playing on a console hooked up to a great HDTV and audio system without having to worry about PC stuff like specs is better than playing the PC version

same thing goes for the PS3 version of C&C

as someone said above- its all about the options

Ju3685d ago

Man, I am waiting for this since years. Sitting back and being able to play an RTS on my bigscreen with mouse and KB. Why would I want a PC for that ?

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SRuN43685d ago

KB/M support for the PS3, that's all I ask.

demolitionX3685d ago

funny that all 360 fans still argue! RTS without K/M is useless, end of story!

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