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The Gaming Vault writes:

"One of the most compelling aspects of wrestling, particularly for me as an impressionable teen and later, as an impressionably excitable man-child, were the edgy, larger-than-life characters and balls-to-the-wall direction that the WWE chartered with the ‘Attitude Era‘. Largely though, such sports-entertainment iconoclasts have been missing from the WWE games of late.

Sure, the likes of infamous outlaw group D Generation-X and others have sporadically featured in previous games, but WWE 13 marks a concerted effort by developer Yukes to do justice to arguably the most interesting and enrapturing point in sports entertainment and professional wrestling.

The noble intentions of the developers also extend to the business of the game itself; again absolutely overflowing in content, this year’s iteration features a few more meaningful tweaks and changes to keep the series relevant but still fails to address a few the long-standing flaws that only a brand new, designed from the ground up WWE game for next-generation consoles could rectify. Despite that obvious and somewhat tired factoid, WWE 13 remains a love letter to fans of the squared circle and a diamond in the rough for non-fans alike who want a deep and enjoyable multiplayer experience."

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joecamnet2205d ago

As cool as the previews made it look, as cool as the use of CM Punk as the cover boy make it, and as cool as it is with all the Attitude Era stuff, I just can't care about a wrestling game while Yukes is the developer...

Bring back the AKI developed games of the N64 era. The last fighting/wrestling style game I've cared about was Def Jam: Fight for New York and EA destroyed that series with Def Jam Icon because they dropped AKI.