Europe Playstation Store Updated

This week on the Playstation store we are treated to the highly acclaimed Everyday Shooter, as well as a surprise demo for the excellent Everybodys Golf: Worlf Tour(Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds).

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TheExecutive3750d ago

Finally the Europeans get Everyday Shooter! Bubbles all around!

pandabear3750d ago

About Time, can't wait to get home and download - Just Pain & High Velocity Bowling to wait for now!

mighty_douche3750d ago

Pretty happy with that, its a good update in my eyes.

Still waiting on Pain but Everyday Shooter will keep me going.

TheHater3750d ago

You guys have to downlaod the Everybody Gold demo. It was one of the best demo on the Japanese PSN store, and it really fun. Plus it have really nice graphic

mighty_douche3750d ago

Cheers for the advice, ill be on it as soon as i get home! Can you play multi-player??

(just been at home for lunch and bloody forgot to check damn it! lol..)

TheHater3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

The Japanese Version was two players offline. I don't know if this demo have online play.

EDIT: If you only have one controller, that will do fine also. You can use a single controller to play Multiplayer with your friends.

mighty_douche3750d ago

once again, cheers! Offline multiplayer for the demo will do me just fine! have a bubble bro!

crck3750d ago

Downloading it now. But the EU demo is 600+ megs while the JPN demo was 200+ megs.

TheHater3750d ago

So I guess they demos must be different.

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crippler6663750d ago

I will be getting Everyday Shooter ASAP.

TheExecutive3750d ago

One of the best if not the best PSN game to date IMO. Its up there with sshd, PJM, and calling all cars.

TheHater3750d ago

SDHD is the best game to play when you are drunk. It really colorful and s**t.

bOOmStiCK3750d ago

Already enjoying Everyday Shooter right now! It was about f'in time

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The story is too old to be commented.