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Submitted by TheDCD 1194d ago | review

Halo 4 Review (Planet Xbox 360)

Master Chief is back. And how. (Halo 4, Xbox 360) 9/10

LaurenKB123  +   1194d ago
Glad they did a good job!
hellvaguy  +   1194d ago
When you videos from Halo 4 and Uncharted it makes you wonder how lazy are game devs on the PC if they are only making games roughly on par with these two shining examples on pc hardware that is 6 years newer and several thousand dollars more (for a high end pc).
kwyjibo  +   1194d ago
Yes, I mean Skyrim's the same on the PC and the PS3 isn't it?
hellvaguy  +   1193d ago
"Yes, I mean Skyrim's the same on the PC and the PS3 isn't it?"

So you avoid the 2 games I brought up, hence totally agreeing to my point. Cool, we agree then that pc devs are lazy because they should always be able to out perform 6 year old hardware that is also laptop components (not even higher end desktop which require more cooling), but they don't. Inexcusable.
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kwyjibo  +   1192d ago
Oh, and you're out of bubbles. How surprising.

I ignored your two corridor 'em ups, because high res Skyrim absolutely craps all over it. You can see the same with Battlefield or Crysis.

I don't know anyone on PC who would demean themselves with 720p.
greenpowerz  +   1194d ago
There is no incentive for devs that are capable of the budget and talent to invest in games that might not sell as much on PC. PC devs don't often have the backing of huge global companies that make exclusives.

PC versions of games are on par because the games you're talking about are not PC games at heart but console focused games.

If you're talking about PC only games, what I said about backing and budget applies here too.

PC games have always been all over the place when it comes to quality.

PC is open and there is no quality control telling devs that they must push games as far as the top PCs allow like console makers try to do. PC capability is all over the place what you want might not be practical or desired be smaller PC devs.
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