MMGN: Medal of Honor: Warfighter Review | It's Not That Bad

MMGN: Since it’s release just over a week ago, Medal of Honor: Warfighter has been the target of intense criticism, receiving scores as low as 3/10 and 4/10 from various reputable gaming websites. I’m here to tell you that it’s really not that bad – no, it doesn’t bring anything new to the proverbial table and yes, this is one of those titles only worth picking up from the bargain bin – but MoH:Warfighter provides entertainment for what it’s worth, and that’s all it needs to do.

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2205d ago
Nest88r2204d ago

That's exactly what i think! Its really not that bad, i'll give it a 7.5... SP & MP are ok. Nothing that will blow your head up, but its ok. 60 bucks well spent to me

Blastoise2204d ago

Why would you spend $60 and be happy with an "okay" game?

Nest88r2204d ago

because i'm having fun

MasterD9192204d ago

Medal of Honor: It's Not That Bad Edition