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Cam9771789d ago

After enjoying BO, I just had to see how this translated across to BO2 and it really does look good! However, I will not be buying BO2.

ShabbaRanks1788d ago

It looks fun, but I know I will get bored after a month so Il pass. Plus I don't want to give any money to Activison. CoD black ops1 was the last CoD game I got and I highly doubt I will be getting an other one.

So many other games, Hitman5 in like 19days, BF3 Aftermath in December and maybe Halo4 if I have extra time & Money :S

Majin-vegeta1789d ago

The same like the normal nuketown but in toystory texture...

aNDROiD17_1789d ago Show
1789d ago
MasterD9191789d ago

I wish they would have expanded it a bit more, but I see some mild changes here. Nothing mind-blowing.

I am interested in seeing how the Zombies level plays out on Nuketown though...shame that they didn't include that with the pre-order as well, but figures really.

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The story is too old to be commented.