Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward: To ally or betray? | SnackBarGames Review

SnackBarGames writes:

"The escape-the-room visual novel 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (999), developed by Chunsoft and localized/published by Aksys, was a daring departure from typical DS fare when it arrived Stateside in late 2010. A mature title in both content and tone, it took any player who dared to brave its numerous walls of text on a wild ride of original story, well-developed characters, a crazy premise and puzzle-rich gaming segments. 999 quickly gained a loyal cult following and earned rave reviews from the scant handful of people who actually played it."

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PuertoRicanVolta2204d ago

Hmmm, its a good a review but I dont necessarily agree with the score...should be higher...

Griffin48712204d ago

The score is actually generous in my opinion. I love both games to death, but if you care little for story and reading, this game isn't for you. It's just not geared toward a wide audience.

PuertoRicanVolta2204d ago

Indeed, however if you rate it on its merits as a visual novel/adventure, its ranks among the higher echelons. To rate it down because its mass appeal via the genre seems silly. If someone reads a review and see that its a text adventure, at that point they can walk away saying "this isn't for me." However, 999 and VLR are different. There is a reason they succeed (relatively) in America.

I dont necessarily disagree with you, but if a game is well done and acknowledge for its expertise, then it should be well rated. If a person does not care for the story, it does not change the fact that the story is good. It simply means the person doesn't care. Its both good and bad at the same time. Its schrodinger's story!

No but really, the score is fine, i was just being silly :D

linkratos2204d ago

Can't rate much higher than a 4/5 lol. I usually just take reviews as thumbs up or down. This is definitely a thumbs-up.