Top 10: Things that will make Halo 4 great

Back in September 2007, just days before Halo 3's phenomenal worldwide launch, spoke to cinematic designer Lee Wilson, who said that Halo 4 was not in development. Here's the full quote: "There's a lot of people who have been working on Halo much longer than us two have and they're really interested in exploring new games, new stories, and whatever comes out of those conversations is what we're going to pursue. We're still going to make games for us."

Well that was then, and now is now. With upwards of eight million sales of Halo 3 under its belt and massively positive review scores, Microsoft would be foolish to kill the franchise off completely in its FPS form. Rest assured a new Halo FPS is coming. So, with that in mind, have knocked their heads together and come up with a wish list - Top 10: Things that will make Halo 4 great. The fight has only just begun.

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MailMan3834d ago

NEVER releasing?

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

Joey Gladstone3834d ago

Wasn't the Whole intention of Halo 3 to end the series with a bang, hence the slogan "Finish the Fight"? .....confusion ensues
......."The JOEY has Spoken"

desolationstorm3834d ago

A series doesnt have to end because of the storyline. There are prequels and other story arcs that could be explored. If there is money to be made there are all of a sudden more to the story.

I hope there are more games, but I could care less about the story I never cared about the story in the games. Its always been about the gameplay for me. Halos and CoDs gameplay are perhaps my favorite style to fps.

TheSadTruth3834d ago

How to make Halo 4 great, there's a few options:
A) Fire Bungie's lead designer, hire a new Project Lead, hire PROFESSIONAL writers and make them quit the whole casual lets take our time and not work hard routine, with the end-result being poor graphics, bad maps, and dumbed down gameplay with no-story. This is obviously an upper level problem because we all know Bungie has talented developers, they aren't just being used correctly.
B) Actually A is all that needs to happen, or have a better company buy the IP like Valve.

Anyone who defends Halo 3 needs to take a hard look in the mirror, no company on the planet besides Blizzard (from WoW) has had more money available to make a video game.

Bull5hifT3834d ago


and are also helping out in another studio, on a game....its supposed to be BIG, and weird

The BS Police3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Widelaod made Stubbs The Zombie.

Bungie is working on anew IP aswell as assisting in the development of Peter Jacksons Halo: Chronicles.

As for the list here, I agree with all of it except for the Sprint function and Blind fire, this is Halo, not a war simulator.

Nicosia3834d ago

Pretty good articale, good points.

Kaz Hirai3834d ago

We don't need any more of this FILTH in the videogame industry! A PIG in
tin can armour is a pathetic mascot! In fact, I shall unleash the almighty Kratos to destroy this "Master Chief" simpleton!


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