Portal 2 In Motion on PSN Tuesday, Full Game Getting PS Move Support

Posted by Josh Bays // Director of Product Marketing, Sixense Studios -

We gave the world a glimpse at E3 back in June, and now it’s official. On November 6th, 2012, Sixense will launch Portal 2 In Motion, a motion DLC campaign for Valve’s Portal 2 on PlayStation Move. Our development team at Sixense has applied our expertise in motion gaming to create what we believe will be the defining experience for PlayStation Move. The Portal 2 In Motion DLC will be priced at $9.99 on PSN. We’ll also have a special launch promotion of 30% off for PlayStation Plus members.

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NastyLeftHook02205d ago

this is such a awesome ps3 game.

JoGam2205d ago

I might have to get this. I totally forgot about Portal. Does the normal game have Move support?

darthv722205d ago

I just got the sharpshooter and had a blast with killzone3. Using it with portal....interesting.

NastyLeftHook02205d ago

it should with a patch, and you will like this game, its challenging and fun. if you love puzzles i reccomend this game more than ANY puzzle game.

Knushwood Butt2204d ago

So, will the normal packaged game be patched for Move support, or is it just this DLC, that will have Move support?

Nawert2205d ago

Valve never disappoints. Nice surprise here.

LOGICWINS2205d ago

Sports Champions 2
Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut
Bioshock Infinite
Portal 2
Until Dawn

Is Sony ACTUALLY taking Move seriously now?

neoMAXMLC2205d ago

I honestly don't see the difference from back then to now.

LOGICWINS2205d ago

Back then there were no Move games to actually look forward too. Now there is.

We already know that Irrational Games and Valve(two high profile devs) are fully committed to PS Move...thus likely implementing these controls in future PS3/PS4 games.

DarkTower8052205d ago

@ Logic, it's all a matter of perspective. There was:

Resistance 3
Socom 4
Sports Champions
Tiger Woods 12
The Fight Lights Out (old but I still play it occasionally)
etc, etc, etc

People say Move didn't get support, but that simply isn't true. It's always had support, the question is whether or not the supported games appealed to you.

Knushwood Butt2204d ago

My copy of Ookami just arrived, with Move support.

b_one2205d ago


zgoldenlionz2205d ago

Hell yeah! Time to wipe the dust off that move controller.

NBT912205d ago

Just remember not to look into the operational end of the device.

b_one2205d ago

hell yeah - portals everywhere :D

abzdine2205d ago

i haven't played it but i'll be glad to pick it up, especially with the Move support.
Since i tasted the FPS with Move on Killzone 3, I can't go back to the DS3 for this genre.

ziggurcat2205d ago

you also get a steam copy of the game for free when you get the PS3 version, and you can play cross-platform between PC/MAC/PS3.

LOGICWINS2205d ago

Playing KZ3 with Move is a revelation. Even playing RE5 with Move seems natural to the point that ud think the game was intended to be played with Move all along.

abzdine2205d ago

Sorry but RE5 with Move is the worst thing that ever happened. You still aim with the stick WTF

yesmynameissumo2205d ago

I've yet to play KZ3 with a DS3. The Move controls are simply spot on. I wish every FPS on the PS3 had those polished Move controls.

PinkFunk2205d ago

I did actually REALLY dig the Move with KZ3. Hell with any shooter, it was like a mouse on PC but even more intuitive in a way...

badz1492204d ago

...and 3D!'s hard to go back to DS3 and I was hoping every FPS on PS3 can be played with MOVE but Resistance 3 didn't do it as good both with MOVE and 3D!

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