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Pre-order Crysis 3 and get a free download of the original Crysis

EA has announced that fans who pre-order Crysis 3 will receive a free digital download copy of the original Crysis game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or PC. (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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tallkidoPL  +   1035d ago
Cant wait
solidboss  +   1035d ago
what i want to know is do you get the code the second you pre-order or when you pick up the game?
dazzrazz  +   1035d ago
Do you think they are so stupid to give you pre order code bonuses so you can cancel it next minute ? Anyway I'll wait for the beta Crysis 2 multiplayer was complete garbage
tallkidoPL  +   1035d ago
crysis 3 alpha starts tomorrow on pc
MasterD919  +   1035d ago
Damn...I just bought the original Crysis for Xbox when it was on sale a few weeks back and already had Crysis 3 pre-ordered.

Oh well, still a good deal for those interested.
Beastradamus  +   1035d ago
I'm so pumped for Crysis 3. I just recently started playing Crysis 2 and posting MP on my Youtube channel and I'm hooked. Definitely going to take advantage of this offer since I was planning on buying the first one anyways.
Lovable  +   1035d ago
Loved Crysis 2. I replay the game every once in a while
brich233  +   1035d ago
Dont be suprised if the preorder doesnt really happen. EA.
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