Halo 4: We owe it to the fans to make it "play like a Halo game" - 343 Industries

GB: Halo fans are sometimes very intolerant to the changes, and we noticed this with Reach, where there was a certain amount of dissatisfaction considering how the addition of new modes and abilities sort of deviated from the ‘Grenade, Melee, Shield’ philosophy of the previous Halo games.

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Chuk52205d ago

Some of the lower reviews I've seen have said Halo 4 plays it too close to the original trilogy in spots. I think that's a valid criticism, but at the same time, that's a smart thing to do, especially when you know your fanbase.

I haven't played it yet so I'll reserve judgement, but to me, it seems wise to ease the transition form bungie to 343 and not totally flip it on its head. I feel like some reviewers are expecting it to not be halo and I think they are forgetting how volatile the halo fanbase can be to change.

Halo 5 should make bigger strides in flipping the formula, because 343 still needs to gain the trust of people who have literally tattooed Bungie on themselves. Also think of it this way, there would be millions of star wars fan a lot happier if the prequels took Halo 4s approach.

But I still have to see for myself.

aviator1892205d ago

And I'm glad 343i made this decision.
Honestly, I'm glad 343i decided to go the safe route and I think that several fans appreciate that.

I don't care if some reviews penalize 343i for not majorly shaking up the core gameplay mechanics because then it'd be that much closer to being in a completely new territory which fans will not be familiar with.

lightoff2205d ago

i think they should have taken some risks i hate it when devs limit their own creativity just to be "safe"

da_2pacalypse2205d ago

Why would they revamp the gameplay? It's Halo. It should still feel like halo. It certainly looks different and has many new things. But it's still halo.

If you want new gameplay, make a new IP. I don't understand this criticism.

lightoff2205d ago

they dont need to change anything but that does not mean you shouldn't add to it. They did a phenomenal job with the graphics but don't stop there, keep going. This is their chance to make a name for them selves and prove to be better than Bungie. That being said i cant wait to play this game, the story looks amazing.

KMCROC542205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

You foolks at 343i dont owe anyone anything,all you have to do is
continue to expand the halo univers & stay true to it
all will be fine among its fans.