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Uncharted 3 celebrates its first birthday with a new Drake statue

Can you believe that it was only a year ago that we dived into Nathan Drake’s third adventure on the PS3? Today Uncharted 3 turns one, and to celebrate Naughty Dog has teamed up with Sideshow Collectibles to produce a new Nathan Drake Premium Format Statue. (PS3, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)

Jinkies  +   914d ago
Sideshow Collectibles...really, the one who made that crappy looking statue we got in the Collectors Edition. Why the hell couldn't they put enough effort into that as they have with this, honestly this looks miles better and the face actually looks like Drake.

"To date it’s received fifteen patches with the team still adding on to the multiplayer experience"

Shame they added stupid gimmicks which put most of the U2 multiplayer fanbase off, kickbacks, weapon mods, loadouts, upgradable boosters etc, seriously what was wrong with how simple Uncharted 2 was, your two starting weapons, your two simple boosters and your skill. I doubt it but I hope they put that mode as the main focus in Uncharted 4, I want Uncharted to go back to what it was like.
Cam977  +   914d ago
Nobody will ever be happy. Why? Well, there are those who liked U2 (therefore wanted no change) and those who weren't bothered about U2 and wanted a change. You might as well adapt rather than complain because nothing is going to change.

Even if you want to try U2 style-gameplay in U3, try the new 'Classic' game mode.
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Jinkies  +   914d ago
It's just not the same, it's like when they said Hardcore mode was the "new classic mode" when it was released it just wasnt the same.

"and those who weren't bothered about U2 and wanted a change"

Well then they shouldn't of been listened to then, if they wernt bothered then ND should of focused on the fans it already has, this is a problem with developers these days they focus to much on getting more fans while they make their multiplayer or singleplayer into a shadow of it's former self.

I've tried to adapt but I can't play on it for more then an hour without getting turned off by it, I used to spend hours and hours on Uncharted 2. I would go back on it but it's gotten stale with no support included for it. Fact is nobody wanted the changes with the multiplayer, maybe the customization and other non gimmicks to the gameplay but no one screamed for "Killstreaks" or loadouts.
pixelsword  +   914d ago
Jinkies is right in that ND should listen to the PEOPLE ACTUALLY BUYING THE GAME. I like the multiplayer myself, but obviously there's a lot of fans that do not.

Lightbox did the same darn thing with Starhawk when fans were saying "HEY! Stop changing it!"

In the meantime, a bunch of beta testers kept on grinning as long as they could play a game for free and didn't care about the game's success. All of that ended up turning into a game that turned-off the majority of fans and made a bunch of indifferent people happy; of which a few of them bought the game.

Remember the old adage:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Why do you think the only game that heeds this wisdom is the best-selling game this gen (CoD)?

And those that don't stray far from it are also selling well? (Gears, Halo, Assassin's Creed, and yes, Uncharted and Killzone [as far as the single player])

Just about every game that changed radically between earlier iterations did so for the worse (Resistance, UT III, Red Faction, Prototype, etc.)

I don't mind innovation, just figure out what the CORE of the game is, single or multiplayer, and stick to it.

This ain't rocket science!
vickers500  +   913d ago
"Jinkies is right in that ND should listen to the PEOPLE ACTUALLY BUYING THE GAME."

In the case of Uncharted, why should they? The people that bought Uncharted 1 and 2 were already going to buy Uncharted 3 for the single player. The people that weren't going to buy it were not however. ND changing the multiplayer allowed them attract new fans while still keeping the old ones (because let's be honest here, very few people buy Uncharted solely or mainly for the multiplayer).

Personally, I hated Uncharted 3s multiplayer, it was too chaotic and unbalanced (imo), and I much rather prefer Uncharted 2s post patch multiplayer, but I can see why Naughty Dog would change it.

Since most of you were going to buy the game anyways for the sp, naughty dog had no reason to your request to keep the mp the same.

When it comes down to slightly more enjoyment for the people who are already going to buy the game VS. a potential new and large customer base, it would be kind of ridiculous to choose the former.
Jinkies  +   914d ago
For the people disagreeing...you really think that Drake statue in the collectors edition was good, wow, if you've seen past Sideshow collectible statues then you would know it was a poor effort, hell compare it to this one.
pixelsword  +   914d ago
No, I do not; which is why I didn't get it.

Twilightx7  +   912d ago
You actually expected an SSC Premium Format Figure quality statue for the equivalent of $30? These statues typically retail for $300-$400. If you expected PFF quality in your $100 collector's edition, you deserve to be disappointed.

This is equivalent to buying a car and being disappointed that it didn't come with an additional, more expensive car. Your expectations are outlandishly unrealistic.
Awesome_Gamer  +   913d ago
If you're playing Uncharted for the multiplayer only, then you're doing it wrong, simple.

My favourite franchise this gen, by far, i play it for the story only, i don't like mutiplayer in any game btw, not just Uncharted.
KingOptimus-X  +   914d ago
Happy Birthday Uncharted 3
miyamoto  +   913d ago
and I still play it after all this time
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GTRrocker666  +   914d ago
That statue looks cool. Im waiting on a dead space 3 Isaac Clarke

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