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DmC, Ninja Theory's reboot of Devil May Cry, has been a controversial beast from the off. In fact it's fair to say that a very loud group of the series' fans have not been happy about it at all. Some have been doubtful of the British developer's ability to deliver the polish the series requires. Some have seemed unconvinced that any western developer could successfully pick up such a demanding and quintissentially Japanese action series. Many have just used the new Dante's hair colour as shorthand with which to vent every possibly fear and paranoia under the sun.

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newn4gguy2204d ago

inb4 "They think the HAIR COLOR is what we hate about it?!?"

I still don't get why most of you hated Enslaved. It was brilliant.

prototypeknuckles2204d ago

I didnt hate enslaved, in fact i went into it with positive attitudes, i mainly dislike it mainly becaus i played prince of persia 08 which i feel was better, the characters were better, and not once were they annoying like trip was, i mean she could hardly defend herself and couldn't even climb a ledge by herself

I think my problem was that i constantly compared enslaved to pop08, i just felt that through pop08 dialogue that the Prince and Elika grew closer, and the enemies such as the warrior and hunter had compassion to them or the concubine and alchemist made you really want to take them down.

I overall, just kind of feel that ninja theory is overrated, I go into all of their games with positive attitudes even DmC, but then they do things that ive seen a million times or have been done way better, or in recent times, they act all uppity as if they were the best developer in the industry, and to me they have no right to brag seeing as how heavenly sword i liked but combat was way too much like god of war and i hardly say that, enslaved was like a watered down ico or pop08, and DmC is a total downgrade.

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prototypeknuckles2204d ago

Combat is more accesible because its easy, the enemies hardly attack, and its to easy for people to chain combos and get SSS ranks

Visually it looks good, but it still doesnt look as good as DMC4 which came out in 2008,wtf?

ill admit the platforimng looks better than past games, thats a plus

the cast is real people, so real people go around throwing out fuck yous, and flipping up middle fingers all day everday, riiiggghht, besides, people likde the way the old characters acted, we liked dante because he was so chill yet very cocky without being a total dick about it.

are you serious the music in the past games got you pumped, the music in this new one is okay but it doesnt even come close, nd how was it cheesy, this new music sounds pretty cheesy to me.

Chitown712912204d ago

And then people wanna say that the die-hard fans are just being butt-hurt. I would love to see someone get one of their favorite games remade into something they didn't like, and see how they react. This shit isn't even Devil May Cry anymore......

prototypeknuckles2204d ago

"I would love to see someone get one of their favorite games remade into something they didn't like, and see how they react"

exactly ive asked people what if something like this had happened to god of war, assassin creed, or mario, they all said they wouldnt be very happy with that at all.

Chitown712912204d ago

Lol bullshit dude. If aint broke don't fix it. Nothing needed to change imo. 4 was great, and 3&1 were masterpieces. It should've followed the God of War formula. Go bigger and badder , and add incremental changes

jghvhv2204d ago

They think the HAIR COLOR is what we hate about it?!?

dredgewalker2204d ago

Wow and I thought they changed everything about DMC that's why we hate it.....if they changed Dante's hair then all is fine....they only changed the hair did they? I mean not like they changed Dante's origin, looks and attitude...oh I'd be really pissed if I see him smoking :P

Jinkies2204d ago

They still hang to that because its the only counter argument these new DmC lovers can come up with.

Kyosuke_Sanada2204d ago

I really think Ninja Theory should have tried their luck with a new Bloodrayne more than DMC......

timeon111111111112204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

In DmC, there are malicious commercials that are intended to make humans act bad. Such as glutony. So when you see a Burger commercial poster behind it is "Glutony" message which is message demons want humans to accept and become fat asses.

In DmC the media is lying to the humans
In DmC Donte is being demonized as a bad thing.
In DmC there is propaganda.

Let's look at reality of DmC controversy:
- sites constantly bringing up "Oh stop with the white hair you fan boys".
- sites that constantly make "X reasons DmC will be good"

- sites that constantly praise Ninja theory for being original and creative and making GROUND BREAKING work with DmC, even though:
1) DmC's gameplay has been defined over the course of 8 years (DMC 1-4), and by other people than Ninja theory.
2) The character and Story has been defined by other people than Ninja theory
3) The story of DmC is stealing ideas or "feelings" from V for Vendetta and They Live, and OTHER movies/stories.
4) Capcom has been helping Ninja theory all the way, espcially on the gameplay which is important part of a game - GAMEPLAY.

They tell you Ninja theory is original.
They tell you Ninja theory is a savior.
They tell you Ninja theory has humility.
They tell you Dante (real one) is not cool.

They tell you....alot of lies.

About Ninja theory being humble (humility), Tameem Antoniades quote:
"He's a rebellious character. He represents rebellious youth and energy and violence against an oppressive demon controlled regime. HE IS DANTE."

In one cut scene, our star turns to the camera and says, "My name is Dante." Better get used to it.

From day 1 Tameem Antoniades has tried to steal ownership of the character Dante from Hideki Kamiya by making his own version of Dante valid.
And he's still not giving up because he's a lying motherfucker who leeches off other people's work. Take notices on emphasis of "He is Dante" , "our star", and "better get used to it". Connect those statements with the DmC cutscenes of "You are twin brother", " father", bla bla - you can conclude someone is trying to persue you into accepting this version of Dante as the same one as from DMC. Why would any DMC fans need to be introduced to Dante or Vergil for that matter? Don't we all know how those are? Yes we do, but they need to because they are doing it to pschologically affect your mind to accept their versions as the same as the original ones despite the differences, and that it's in a "parallel universe" (Whatever that shit means to them).

At this point, i will and always will be against death threats, but i can't fucken b lame anyone for wanting to kill this motherfucker.
He's such a motherfucken asshole.

He's even disrespected Trish...

DmC's message is "Your world is a lie", refering to that your not seeing past the illusion that demons has put on the world.
I can see past the illusion of "Ninja theory is innovating"/"Ninja theory has lots of humility" or "Ninja theory paying respect to DMC" bullshit.

Can you?