Five Fantastic-Looking Horror Games Coming Next Year

Who says horror gaming is dead? Resident Evil may have woefully shed its fear factor, but there are plenty of terrifying-looking experiences lined-up for 2013. With Halloween having brought a whole raft of trailers and teasers, FMV checks out five forthcoming experiences that horror fanatics should be sure to keep an eye on.

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Jinkies1870d ago

I'm actually surprized they didn't mention Dead Space 3, I'm glad about it so I'm not complaining it's just nice for someone to see how it's not a horror game anymore.

shodan741870d ago (Edited 1870d ago )

Everything I've seen and read about Dead Space 3 convinces me that the series has now moved to full-on action, and ditched the actual horror pretty much wholesale.

What's so exciting about the new wave of PC-based indie horror is how much more psychological and atmospheric the experiences are. I think Amnesia has inspired a whole movement of cerebral chillers.

TrendyGamers1870d ago

I'm sure it will still be good for a few scares.

Venox20081870d ago

dont forget Penumbra trilogy too :)

Oceangrave1870d ago

"Who says horror gaming is dead" no1.

bladesofagony1870d ago

well outlast seems horrifying, reminds me of REC movie, specially the night vision googles

Venox20081870d ago

which one should you recommend to see? American or Spanish version, or should I watch both? thanks for reply in advance ..and what I know there are 2 of each (spanish & american)?

bladesofagony1870d ago

go for the Spanish version with English subtitle, you wont be disappointed, its engaging from start to finish, do watch both parts though

1870d ago