Duke Nukem voice actor not into "gratuitous violence" experiences like GTA

Jon St. Jon, the voice of gun-toting Duke Nukem, isn't a fan of firearms in his videogames and certainly not in real-life. The act of killing just to kill "just disturbs" the actor. Racing games over FPS, he says.

The "gratuitous violence" found in big titles like Grand Theft Auto turns Jon St. Jon right off. The iconic Duke Nukem is all for violence and big shooty guns, providing its against invading aliens.

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Y_51502238d ago

It's time to pet ponies and pick flowers...and I'm all out of flowers.

GTRrocker6662238d ago

Oh give me a break. I always roll my eyes when a gamer says something like this.

csreynolds2238d ago

And? I heard Randy Pitchford doesn't like mushrooms, but didn't feel compelled to write about it...

crimsonfox2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

haha I guess he's just into overly used absurdity filled comments just like Duke

amaguli2238d ago

Is it safe to assume that he doesn't play any of the Duke Nukem games then?

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