Devil May Cry: First DmC DLC Details

NowGamer: We have the first DLC details for Capcom's upcoming Devil May Cry reboot.

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Chuk51942d ago


The game isn't even out yet, Capcom.
It's over two months away. Do you even know if people want more of it?

Damn, you need to stop thinking with pocketbooks and calculators for a second.

colonel1791942d ago

They don't need to know if people want more because is most likely to be cut content, and not new one.

NukaCola1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Let me guess.

The DLC will be:
$10 for levels.
$2 for alternate skins.

And I'll even bet you gents all DLC free on me, that all the content you'll have to buy for this game is already on the disc..but locked until you pay. This is how Capcom operates now. Total unethical scumbags.

Tonester9251942d ago

I guess you all don't know what's into making a game. If it's " over two months away" from release then the game is already finished and just needs to be polished before it goes gold.

Yes they could start talking about DLC now.

Did you even read the article? The DLC is just for more skins for your weapons (that can't be unlocked in the game) and for all the costumes at one time instead of unlocking them in the game.


AfricanGamer9ja1942d ago

This gen has been spoilt by DLC.

blackbirdi1942d ago

i'm not buying it anyway :p so they do what they want i hope the game will be completely commercial and criticals fails

slaton241942d ago

if you have negative feelings dont comment its nothing but a waste of your little time...go play you cod or bf3 most people who hate on other games mostly play them 2 anyways

blackbirdi1941d ago

sorry dude but i'm not a fan of first person shooter games i always play more japanaise game and i was a big fan of DMC ... i'm free to comment where i want

richierich1942d ago

I lost interest in DMC games after the first one

pecorre1942d ago

Typical capcom crap.

This DMC reboot is a game no one asked for in the first place.

slaton241942d ago

so i guess you make up the whole world wow...small world after all....guess what i cant wait for the game to come out....if the same people are making this game that made heavenly sword that capcom is publishing the game either way i can so what they changed his looks so what its a freaking game enjoy it for the story and gameplay...if they made dante black white mexican purple green i dont care cause that is some stupid crap to get pissed off about....capcom keep bringing it as long as u can...oh you N4G people can disagree if you want but this is my opinion not urs

GreenRanger1942d ago

They'll most likely release a "Classic Dante" costume in a lame attempt to appease the people who have abandoned this series.

Tonester9251942d ago

You can unlock all costumes In Game

Dark_Overlord1942d ago

Even with a classic Dante skin, the games play nothing alike :/

richierich1942d ago

@GreenRanger I wonder if the classic Dante costume will be on the game disc

GreenRanger1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Are you suggesting that Capcom have put DLC on the disc and it will unlock when purchased?
You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking such a thing.
Capcom would never commit such a heinous act, NEVER!!
You should be locked up!
You're a complete madman! /s

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