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GameSpot: "Despite a strong protagonist and a wealth of interesting ideas, Assassin's Creed III: Liberation falls short of the series' standards."

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NewMonday2206d ago

More like a rant than a review

The problem with game reviews is they are mostly done by immature kids

The best done review of this game was done by Kotaku , talking about the good and the bad without mixing the objective and the subjective

Anon19742205d ago

Ouch indeed. Gamespot is usually my go-to for reviews. I generally don't bother with anything under 7. Based on this and other reviews, I think I'll pass on this title, unless I pick it up in a discount bin or something down the road. It's too bad. I was hoping for something on par with Uncharted Golden Abyss. The last thing that's going to help the Vita's sales are a bunch of highly anticipated titles turning out to be "meh" titles.

-GametimeUK-2205d ago

Agree completely. I'm still looking for enough reason to purchase a Vita. This would have been an awesome selling point along with Uncharted and Little Big Planet for me. I have a feeling Call of Duty is going to be awful so I'm pretty much hoping on a GTA, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy or maybe a God of War game to help me part with my cash.

TENTONGUN2205d ago

yeah a 7 from gamespot is not a bad thing. im still going to buy this in a few months and play it before ac3 xbox. the vita has alot more potential than meh. if i had the money right now id go with ragnarok. looks solid ya know. what would be a big downer is if the soul game next year is meh. anyways

teedogg802206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

I've been playing it quite a bit. I gotta say I'm really disappointed with the frame rate. If you can get past that it's a pretty descent game. I really hope they come up with a way to fix it. I have AC3 on my PS3 also, and it too has serious frame rate problems when a lot is going on. It runs smooth when you are in the open or roaming the frontier. So disappointed:(

Neo Nugget2206d ago

I've noticed maybe one slight frame rate dip my entire time playing through the game on PS3, but the rest of it has been extremely smooth (especially combat).

Cupid_Viper_32205d ago

Not to mention that a new patch was just released fixing most small issues that early review copies had. I've been playing it for 3 hours now, and not a single problem so far.

I'm not saying that others are not having issues. Just pointing out that I haven't experience any of them, not a SINGLE one...

Lighter92206d ago

Someone needs hits. They should make any article about how they hated Arkahm City... oh wait, someone already did.

lightoff2206d ago

ohh man this shit scares me i just ordered the vita ac3 bundle!. someone tell me i didn't make a mistake.

Neo Nugget2206d ago

Please don't let review scores scare you away from a system and game :<

lightoff2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

ill try :P ill calm down once i see how nice to the vita looks in white

Sanquine902206d ago

Dude , i play this game for three days and i am having a blast. This game is great. Read the destuctiod review far better. I would give it an 9.

andibandit2205d ago

Constant framerate drops means i cant give it more than 7

rpd1232206d ago

It's an awesome game, definitely not a mistake.

CalvinKlein2205d ago

If you like AC you will like this game.

Ron_Danger2205d ago

You didn't... There are frame rate issues in it, but they really aren't that bad... You should also pick up the new NFS... It's the best looking hand held racing game ever!

Omar912205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

me tooo! im looking out my window for the ups guy lol

scratch that, I just got it!!! :D

Shikoro2205d ago

No, you didn't. Everyone who played the game thinks that it's a great game for a portable. You'll see it for yourself.

Kingthrash3602205d ago

I own one and you didn't I give the game a 8.4 its a great handheld game. Reviewers these days are being lazy especially this time of the year when the have 10 other games to review. I would ignor them play it yourself and make your own assessment.

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GillHarrison2206d ago

I don't have anything against a wide range of reviews on a title, but is it just me or has Gamespot gotten extra critical in all their latest reviews?

Silly gameAr2205d ago

Depends on the game it seems.

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