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GR-UK writes: "It takes Ninja Theory all of fifteen minutes - barely a quarter of an hour of clear, concise explanation - to make us get exactly what they're trying to achieve with the Dante makeover. It takes all of three hours with the opening section of the game to make us realise how much hands-on Capcom's had with the combat mechanics. How much it stays true to the fighting excess that defines the Devil May Cry series."

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thaking1552235d ago

The combat from MGR is what the combat in this game should be..... MGR combat is Smooth, and DMC combat is slow and clunky looking. Did I mention looking at all DMC demos, the enemies pose little to NO threat compared to watching one MGR demo and the enemies are pretty dead set on finishing your character off.

Did I mention Raidens combat is silky smooth compared to Donte's (I don't consider him to be the Real Dante) terribly slow and choppyish combat. If you cannot see the difference in both games you need your eyes checked. This is what God Of War was like, DMC 3&4 was like, Bayonetta was like and now Metal Gear Rising is like.

But how in the world do you let DMC fall off the wagon is my question? For shame Capcom!!!!!

The_Klank2235d ago

I dunno, MGR looks ok, but if the bugs that are in the demo creep their way into the final game it wont sit well with gamers.

DMC on the other hand for me looks like alot of fun, I really don't get the complaints about the combat,'terribly slow and choppyish combat' what does that even mean? All the other Dmc titles could be played slowly unless you turn up the difficulty, in which case I'm sure difficulty settings will be in place to suit that need.

I'm getting both anyways so it doesn't really matter to me. Its just interesting hearing the complaints about Dmc

NovusTerminus2235d ago

You do know that there have been several game breaking glitches at the DmC demo's right?

DmC looks clunky, the moves and animations are not as smooth as in the past, and his dodge roll being the GoW 30 foot roll to safety is stupid. It doesn't even look like DmC, and Vergil using a gun? What's up with that?

The_Klank2235d ago

1st I heard of the bugs in Dmc but however they haven't released a demo yet( which is coming seemingly) so until then its a non issue. Same cant be said for MGR.

Now as for the rest I just don't see it, here

Show me where it looks 'clunky' or this amazing 'dodge roll being the GoW 30 foot roll to safety' Sure there is a dodge but I mean there always what?

The way Vergil looks? I Couldn't give a **** about.

thaking1552235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

So in the video you provided, the enemies staying on the ground/stationary while you are in the air slashing at the other enemy until you whip them toward you to attack them is a good combat mechanic? There are points in the combat where the combat slows down in between combos and you can see it. All through out the demo its slow. Enemies stay on the ground and just slash at nothing. I see that and automatically think that the AI is bad.

While in the MGR:R demo, Raiden goes from enemy to enemy without any hiccups and when confronted with groups of enemies I see them all being potential threats and attacking rather than just staying on the ground waiting to be dealt with. Plus the combat and graphics are way way smoother than DMC's combat and graphics are.

This video of Devil May Cry 4 compared to DMC's combat should go to say how the combat is faster, smoother than anything we've seen in the DMC demos that are online. Again Between Devil May Cry 4 MSR:R and DMC, the first two games resemble each other in combat fluidity, difficulty and Devil may Cry 4 shows the skills and difficulty that it takes to get a SSS. While DMC is on the outside looking in.

The_Klank2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Ok so the Dmc4 clip you have there, is with Dante completely geared to the teeth and on a really tough difficulty setting, I still see enemies waiting to be attacked
But I'll grant you this, what we have seen from Dmc so far has been at a slower tempo, but still I think that comes down to difficulty setting and progress of the character, and I agree MGR is pretty badass when everything is in motion.

Its cool though If its not floating your boat I get it. I just want people to give it a fair go.