No Kurgan in Highlander, confirms Widescreen

Speaking to VG247, Highlander developer Widescreen Games has confirmed the unthinkable: the Kurgan will not appear in the action title.

This news hit VG247 hard. The Kurgan was the main "baddie" in the original 1986 movie, the baldest man on celluloid. Luckily, assistant producer told them, at least one of the films' favourites will make it into the game.

"Kurgan, no, but there is one familiar character Highlander fans will be happy to see," he said. "Working closely with the original writer - David Abramowitz - ensures that we are in tune with what Highlander fans want and expect."

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Bebedora3566d ago

Without Kurgan is just brain-dead thinking! He's a classic and Highlander would be at a big loss in quality without this character.

Just remembered the classic scene when he 'sings' New York-New York

Bazookajoe_833565d ago

I wonder if they will have any music from the films in the game (Masters of the universe)