Sony slashes PS Vita forecast, sales of PS3 fall

Sony has once again slashed their outlook for the PlayStation Vita and other handhelds in their PlayStation Portable lineup. Announced in the quarterly report, Sony cuts the projected sales total from 12 million in fiscal year 12, to 10 million sold bythe year’s close (March 31, 2013)

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Blankman851753d ago

Maybe this second sales forecast slash will educate many on this site who keep saying that the VITA is selling fine or as expected. Clearly it is not.

LX-General-Kaos1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

The Vita unfortunately seems to be struggling drastically. Hopefully its luck turns around...

I personally believe a price slash will give the platform a much needed boost, and put the vita in a competitive state. Also game releases dedicated to the Japanese, who are in fact the most supportive of the on the go gaming lifestyle.

As much as some wouldn't want to hear this. More user friendly casual experiences are long over due. Games that will appeal to the masses, not just the core gamer.

gaffyh1753d ago

Sony knows that the Vita isn't selling as well as they wanted it to, which is why the have forecast down. However, they need games before they need a price cut for the device, because without games, a price cut would be completely pointless. It's also worth mentioning that Sony can't afford to cut price until they reduce manufacturing costs. It would be stupid for them from a business and investor standpoint to cut the price to get an additional 2 million sales, and lose a lot more money than when selling 10 million, when they cannot make up the lost revenue.

Vita's a bit of a slow burner, but Sony has proven that they can make a device with great games time and time again, so nothing to worry about imo.

darthv721753d ago

vita needs's a thought. Sony could open the flood gates that are the digital psp library and price the games half off.

That would add a crap load of playable titles to the vita real quick. Granted they would be psp titles but the idea that you have doubled or tripled the amount of playable games to your platform can be a huge selling point.

I know it was when PS2 came out. The whole BC idea was a big selling point for many because they already had a library of PS1 games that now they could play on the PS2 along with the PS2 games at the time.

Another idea would be for them to adopt the low blow tactic of cheap and disposable games on the vita marketplace. Essentially taking on the likes of tablet/phone users with the words with friends and other popular social games.

Consumers will generally buy into a product if they feel they are getting a great deal for their $$. Like i said, it would be a low blow tactic but it certainly could spark some interest.

the real downside is the portability of the unit itself. I mean lets face it. It is sexy tech but really isnt something that everyday people would tote around like a tablet.

If sony could take the best of the vita and pair it with the best of the xperia play then they would really have something to take on both the portable and mobile markets in one.

awesomeperson1753d ago

Is it not Rated E for Everyone? :o

I'm personally thinking of picking up a Vita soon, although I am hoping a price cut is in the works - would not hurt its chances at all.

inveni01753d ago

Ummm. Ten million units a year in today's portable market isn't bad at all. Think about developers: They know that if they make a really great game and price it sensibly, they could easily sell 4-5 million copies. Ten million is pretty good. Plus, we haven't even seen the Vita sell through a holiday season, yet.

NewMonday1753d ago

10m is still to optimistic IMOO

200$ tablets like kindle and the nexus 7 are making 250$ hard to swallow

BitbyDeath1752d ago

Q2 results - (stolen from GAF)

PS3+PS2 - 8.8 million
360 - 4.2 million
Wii - 2.2 million

3DS+NDS - 8.6 million
PSP+Vita - 3.9 million

Dante1121752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

@ BitbyDeath

Sweet post. According to neogaf...

"PS3 has been reliably selling 75+% of combined ps2/ps3 sales over the past year (over 85% during the holidays last year), and obviously going forward the ps3 will only increase that share as the ps2 slowly dies off. So using 75% as a minimum baseline, we get the following picture:

63.9 + .75*2.8 +.75*3.5 = ~68.6 million units sold globally after this quarter at a minimum.

Compare that to 360's 70 million and ps3 is now only trailing by 1.4 million units max.

It's pretty safe to say at this point that by the end of Sony's fiscal year the PS3 will be in second place globally, certainly before the next consoles come out."

Wow, if true.

LackTrue4K1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

The 3DS unfortunately seems to be struggling drastically. Hopefully its luck turns around...

I personally believe a price slash will give the platform a much needed boost, and put the vita in a competitive state. Also game releases dedicated to the Japanese, who are in fact the most supportive of the on the go gaming lifestyle.

As much as some wouldn't want to hear this. More user friendly casual experiences are long over due. Games that will appeal to the masses, not just the core gamer.

(i forgot to add)
"rated E for everyone"

Ult iMate1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

>>200$ tablets like kindle and the nexus 7
And what should I play on those? Uncharted? Unit? Gravity Rush? Ragnarok? Assassin's Creed? MGS?
Why should I pay $200 for a device that doesn't have any sterling big game? I have my tablet for completly different purposes. Playing games on it, turned to be a pain because of lack of buttons or analog sticks and a waste of time because of overall quality of games.

nukeitall1752d ago


There is only snag though in your argument. MS typically sells lots more Xbox 360s ever holiday than Sony does PS3.

Last holiday Xbox 360 sold almost twice the number PS3. From the top of my head, I think MS sold 7+ million consoles.

This year, MS got a price cut going into the holidays, while Sony essentially raised the price. You do the math!

Dante1121752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

@ nuke

And even then....

Straight mathematics for you

PS3 best selling console 2011 (despite MS claims even after the fact of knowing that Sony didn't release it numbers yet lol).

Source (Ps3, Xbox360, Wii official full numbers for 2011):

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raWfodog1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

As much as I would like to disagree, it seems that the Vita could be doing much better. As Kaos stated, it seems a price cut would seem like the most likely way to increase sales. It is currently almost $100 more than the standard 3DS, not counting the required memory cards needed for game saves.

As a gamer myself, I love the Vita and all it has to offer but as a parent in these tough economic times, I'm hard-pressed to buy a Vita for my kids to go along with the 3DS's that they already have. A significant price cut would definitely help to make the decision easier.

Edit: But as Gaffy has also pointed out, I believe it's still too early to count the device out. To date, the PSP sold only about half of the DS worldwide but 75 Million is still nothing to sneeze at.

ritsuka6661753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

What ever happened to vita heaven 2?

Anyway,,Sony definitely brought this on themselves with really poor decisions with the obscene price points for the machine and the no games from japan.

violents1753d ago

how is it at an obsene pricepoint, its only 50 dollars more than a 3ds and a much better gaming platform, I would say its worth the extra fifty bucks for everything you get.

a_bro1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

how about the memory cards violents, did you forget the memory cards?

i had a vita for a while, awesome system, but the price point as it stands is too steep. you need a memory card for most games(which makes no freaking sense what so ever since the games are on flash cards like the 3DS), and no one is going to opt in for a 4gb or an 8gb...

what it most importantly needs is games. and not trashy games like that crap COD game. that wont help the system sell. it needs games that shows the power and the versatility of the system.

murkster-dubez1753d ago

Lol obscene price point? when they first announced the price everyone was praising sony saying they would get one day one. Then Nintendo dropped there overpriced tat down to a acceptable price give early adopters rubbish nes and gba games as some kind of rebate.

FunAndGun1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

yeah, the price of the memory cards killed my excitement for owning a Vita. I don't care if its a new device, memory should NOT cost that much.

No HD in the Vita was a mistake.

edit: I think the device itself is priced just fine for what the system offers however.

Ult iMate1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

>>no games from japan
Are you kidding?
MGS, Gravity Rush, Ragnarok, Project Diva, Blaz Blue, Persona to name a few.

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GraveLord1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Who said Vita was selling fine? It's selling horribly.

Price cut is the last thing Vita needs. What it need most is GAMES. A price cut will only provide a temporary boost.

Obscene price points? LMFAO! You do know that the PSP launched at $250 back then right? If you adjust for inflation, PS Vita is actually super cheap for the tech it has in there. Did you forget that the 3DS also launched at $250? That thing is nowhere near as powerful as the Vita.

Did you know the Vita is more powerful than an iPhone 5? In fact it may even be more powerful than the iPhone 6. Vita is years ahead of mobile phones in terms of tech. It is not over-priced.

raWfodog1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I don't believe too many people are arguing over whether the Vita's tech is worth the price. I believe most people (even haters) would agree that you do get a lot for the price. I belive most would even agree that it is on-par/above-par with most smartphones also.

But the fact is that the Vita is not selling through as expected and the current price is a big part of it. Yes, the 3DS launched at $250 but its sales didn't take off until they slashed the price dramatically. PSP sales also didn't see a dramatic rise until the prices came down. It may be too early for a price cut for the Vita from Sony's view but it will be necessary to see the sales pick up. Remember, the average and casual gamer may not be enticed by the machine's capabilities. Most only see the price tag.

Yes, availabilty of games is a factor and the Vita has a lot of games currently available, not counting ports. It may not have the killer titles that many 'hardcore' gamers are looking for but I'm sure there's something that anyone would enjoy playing.

Ben_Grimm1753d ago

Why do people on here make up every excuse as to why the Vita isn't selling?

"What it need most is GAMES."

You cannot be serious? The one thing the Vita doesn't lack in is GAMES! I really don't know what kind of games you are wanting to come come out on Vita that already hasn't been released but that is a lame reason.

Again, the Vita may be "years" ahead of the competition but that doesn't make it desireable to the average consumer which is way too obvious now.

tubers1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

I don't think it's better than an Iphone 5 specially software-wise.. but a damn Iphone is what? $ 750 plus?

But there's a lot of factors to consider as well..
The Iphone 5 can provide enough entertainment for the masses w/o extra unnecessary cost (of having to buy another device).. the phone plan is to be considered as well..
Most importantly, it has way more "practical" software (non gaming).

A vita is pretty much redundant for the average person (sales already back this up).

Ult iMate1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

I agree with you about the price been priced right.
But as for games, I disagree with you. There are more than enough games on Vita, but most of you just turn a blind eye for this.
I've just finished MGS Collection and there will be LBP, Project Diva, NFS, Assassin's Creed, Ragnarok, Zero Escape, Retro City Rampage. And then ZoE Collection, Ratchet & Clank, Persona, Sly 4. And I still didn't play WipEout.
What lack of games are talking about? I don't even have enough time and money to buy and play all games that I want for Vita. The only game I finished on PS3 since spring was Batman AC - all other time I play on Vita.

kopicha1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )


Actually it is more on branding hating than anything else. When 3DS is out with a 250 price tag, what most people are complaining is lack of Mario games and games rather than the price tag itself. But with Sony's case, despite fact that when comparing hardware to hardware, it is very clear who is more superior. Yet people are complaining over the price tag. If we are to talk about no games on Vita. 3DS face the same shit at launch too. From an owner of both 3DS and Vita, people can disagree but from my perspective as well as my friends surrounding me who actually own both, we all felt that if comparing the first 6 mths of release between the 2 platforms. Vita actually did better in terms of games that they push out. It is quite unfair to compare today's state on both in terms of games. Since 3DS launch way ahead of Vita. It is just like in the past when people are complaining that PS3 has not games and 360 has more games when the fact is 360 release 1 year earlier. It is an obvious "DUH" thing to talk about. If 360 1 year head start still end up having less game, it should be thrown out of market by time PS3 is out. It is just like as of today, iTune Store still have more apps than Google Play Store. But Android is still conquering almost 20% more market share than iOS market as of today.

Some things are just hard that you wont know what people are thinking these days. Some things people say I might agree, but a lot of things are just unfair statement and comparison. Yet people are putting it as fact. Just like iPad, it does sell very well. But the fact is from tech standpoint, iPad may be pretty revolution when it first came out. But as of today, it is very clear that other makers are making better tablets than iPad (from tech standpoint). Yet iPad is still selling. Simply because why? It is Apple. Is this even logical? To me it is not. Especially for it's price tag. Always way higher than other tablets. Yet no one is complaining the price tag and went ahead and buy them. From technical standpoint, Vita is still more powerful than the 3rd iPad. Yet iPAd is way more expensive. When iPad is not being complain over price but Vita is. Is this logical? Maybe haters and apple lovers will find it logical. But not me. How about Apple to release a new iPad replacement within the same life cycle? Yet people will run out and buy for sure. And people can complain anything but never it's price tag, yet it is pretty confirm that it will cost more than most existing products. Again because it is Apple.

A lot of things really does not make sense today. But this is how people want to be. Also humans have the tendency of like being a sheep. If many say this is good, the rest will tend to follow blindly. Simply because people will think if I do not follow suit means I am lagging behind the society. So ti say, at least 1/3 of the community dont even know what they are talking when they comment something. They just follow the crowd. Unfortunately this is how the society is these days.

Whatever it is. I only can say from an own's perspective. I have nothing against the device. I personally find it priced ok. Not saying it is cheap. But not unreasonable as far as the launch price is. And it does return me the value that I have pay for. I enjoy owning the device. I think people really need more peace, learn to be more appreciative in life than to be so bashful.

PinkFunk1752d ago


Solid post, man. I can tell English isn't your first language, but you wrote eloquently and very clearly! And it was much more insightful than the majority of comments on here. Bubs+ for you my friend.

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SilentNegotiator1753d ago

Right. Because 10 million wouldn't be "fine" for it's first year. Just another playstation-hater with a 360 avatar.

ronin4life1753d ago

10Million psp and PSv. The psp is outselling the vita by more than 2-1 in most regions, so the VAST majority of that 10mil are psps NOT vitas.

MetalProxy1753d ago

@ronin umm isnt the psp half the price? not sure how millions of sold psps is a bad thing. Oops nvm Iam lost, Iam in a sales article.

GribbleGrunger1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

ronin4life, where the hell are you getting that idea from? The Vita outsells the PSP in America by 10/1 and in Europe by over 3/1. It only gets outsold by the PSP in Japan.

That's not to say that it couldn't do with better sales, because it could. It just amazes me how people pull numbers from thin air like that.

I personal think that 10 million combined sales is a little optimistic from Sony, UNLESS they know something we don't. I'd say this isn't the last revision. 8 million my March.

Jazz41081752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

What happened to all the people who purchssed psp go? Did sony screw them as bad as its looking? The game portion barley turned a prroft and as a comapny they are still in the red another quarter on a whole they took more losses in the billions.

Knushwood Butt1752d ago

I have a Go.

Was using it last night.

Still love it.

Why would I feel screwed? I bought it ages ago, and have used it extensively.