PC Zone's The Secret World interview + concept images

Having planned on remaining silent after their initial announcement, Funcom generously gave in to PC Zone's pestering ways and decided to spill a bean or two on their as yet undercover project, The Secret World. Product Manager Erling Ellingson takes the floor...

PC Zone: What's going to differentiate The Secret World from other MMOs?

Erling Ellingson: At this stage in the game, I would say the setting. It's just something really new and exciting, light years away from elves and trolls. Now, I didn't say we won't have elves and trolls in the game (and I'm not saying we are either!), but if we do, you might actually get to see them stomping about in Times Square! Or not. If I got paid for every ambiguity in this interview I'd be a rich man.

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