Gamekult review: Halo 4

In many ways, Halo 4 is the heir to its forebears, as efficient in its gameplay as it is outdated in its design, with a solid yet pretty short campaign, and a complete multiplayer suite [...] But the young studio has nonetheless managed to put its twist on the series and bring it to a new stage, giving it a darker ambiance, deeper characters, a more modern technical direction... as well as some QTEs.
That was enough to end up with the best Halo game in years, to be sure. But we're still be waiting for the episode that will truly shake up old habits and put the series back in its just place.

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Neonridr2232d ago

wow, I had to stop reading this article because it didn't make any sense. I am guess that English was not the first language of the author.

Ak47Russia2232d ago

Really? did u even notice the google translate button?

The review is in French and its translated using Google translate.

Its his opinion ppl need to respect it and move along...

Neonridr2232d ago

lol, I had no clue. No wonder it read so broken.

Thanks for pointing that out.. ;)

StanLee2231d ago

It's his opinion but it's my opinion the reviewer is a moron. Respect it and move along.

NukaCola2231d ago

This site is French and many GOTY titles that have been reviewed by this site got s to include Uncharted and God of War's whatever.

I doubt the game loses any creditability from this one website

TKCMuzzer2230d ago

Considering he has played the game and you have not, it's hard to justify your logic. On other hand you call him a moron but your sitting there with one bubble to your name.........

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NastyLeftHook02231d ago

its a persons opinion he has the right to give it that score.

ickysweat772231d ago

I love how a few idiots actually disagreed with this comment.

DatNJDom812231d ago

Damn so many butthurt guys here!

StrawberryDiesel4202231d ago

Yes, Really! The game is average, just get over it.

Blacklash932231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

This is one review versus the dozens more that are giving at least 8's and most around 9's. That doesn't sound just average.

But that's all irrelevant in light of the fact that you haven't played it yourself. Trolls be trollin'.

ALLWRONG2231d ago

Yeah because a meta score of over 9 is average. Now go back to playing... oh yeah you guys don't have anything this year.

DiRtY2231d ago

This is the same page and the sane reviewer that gave every single halo game a 7/10. So yeah, one random guy in France doesn't like halo.

GuruStarr782232d ago

After playing the campaign in this game alone, I can honestly say that even if there was NO multiplayer element at all, this game would be at least an 8 or 9....

Yes, it's that good..

ickysweat772231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

How did you play the full campaign when it's not out yet? Illegal download, or just making stuff up?

TKCMuzzer2230d ago

Your decisively indecisive about what it's minimum score should be.

chukamachine2231d ago

He was not sent a goodie bag.

DigitalAnalog2231d ago

Move along people, it's Gamekult.

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The story is too old to be commented.