Eurogamer: PS3 with Uncharted and Gaiden for GBP 300

Eurogamer writes:

"Online retailer Play has popped up a surprisingly good PS3 bundle deal.

For GBP 299.99 you can get yourself a 40GB PS3 with a copy of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Ninja Gaiden: Sigma.

Delivery is free and the package should save you a few quid. Bundles elsewhere seem to ask for 30 quid extra on a two-game bundle, despite some good single-game offers at 299."

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Keowrath3778d ago

As a HUGE fan of both these games, this is a very nice package to anyone who's an action game fan. Add DMC4 into that package and it would be unmissable!

I think they should wait on new package deals though until the DS3 is available over here officially. Come on Sony what's taking so damn long! Noone wants the Sixaxis cos they know the DS3 is on the horizon!

Alcohog3778d ago

What is GBP 299.99 in relation to the all ighty ollar?

Keowrath3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

589 dorrar

Yeah, us Brits get shafted.

ravinash3778d ago

That would be $591.27 if you look it up on

INehalemEXI3777d ago

Good bundle, price seems a bit steep when ya show a conversion from GBP to US dollars though heh.

Salvadore3777d ago

We sort of have a similar bundle here in Sweden which includes Uncharted + 1 free title from the following:

Fifa 08

Le-mo3777d ago

Wow why don't us American get this kind of deals or bundles? I had to buy Uncharted and Call of Duty 4 separately when I bought my PS3.

bourner3777d ago

because you buy the console and the game for about £200 and we have to pay £300 for the same deal. so think yourself lucky . also games here are £40 and games in america are £30

Yi-Long3777d ago

... were it not that the euro version of Ninja Gaiden Sigma is censored, and thus should be avoided.

Sadly, cause it's an awesome awesome game. I'm a huge fan of NGBlack, and will definately import the US version of Sigma (uncensored) as soon as it budgetpriced!

Such a shame about the censorship in the euro version :(

Keowrath3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I disagreed with you. Mainly because the censorship isn't that bad and doesn't really detract from the game. ESPECIALLY if you want to buy the DLC for the game.

You can't decapitate humans... That's it. Everything else is in the game. I bought the HK version which is the same as the UK and played the game to bits, going all the way up through MNM and the lack of human head lopping didn't disuade me in the slightest.

If you can purchase stuff from the US store. My Visa wont let me but I know a mate with Mastercard that does then Yi-Long is correct but from what I understand for most of us if you want to buy different region DLC you're out of luck. (I had to get a JPN PSN card to get my extras)

Now Ninja Gaiden 2... That's gonna be a whole different kettle of fish! That game will be absolutely cut to ribbons over here looking at the screenshots released so far.

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