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EA’s Peter Moore: 'The things we can do are unbelievable', hints at next-gen consoles surpassing PCs

DSOGaming writes: "Peter Moore and PC have never been the best pals. When Moore was working in MS, PC gamers hated him for not supporting their beloved platform. Of course, Peter had nothing to do with this whole thing as he expressed MS’ stance and did not boycott the PC. But that had little to do with PC gamers’ feeling towards him. And when he joined EA, PC gamers hated him even more when the PC versions of NBA Live and NHL got cancelled (and when the PC was getting the ‘old-generation’ version of the Fifa series). Surprising news then for all of you as Peter Moore stated that PC – as a whole – is an attractive platform." (Industry, Next-Gen, PC, Peter Moore)

Cam977  +   1031d ago
I really doubt they'll surpass PCs as they're designed to be affordable.
Fishy Fingers  +   1031d ago
Yep, and it's not like AMD or Nvidia will stop hardware development once the next gen consoles drop.

I'm hoping to see console produce some amazing results, better than anything my PC is currently capable of, but at best, within a year or two you'll be able to yield better results from a PC once again (at a premium).

Developers will squeeze more out of a "weaker" next gen console than they could out of a current high end PC through optimising, not raw power. As they did early in this gen.
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RedDragan  +   1031d ago
I really doubt they would surpass my PC even if they weren't that affordable. My rig has the same amount of RAM as 24 PS3's. That is not including the memory on the graphics card which is 6x what PS3 has.

But hardware aside, will the next gen consoles allow players to mod their games to the level of freedom now being afforded to PC gamers? There are so many ways to come to a conclusion of why a certain platform is better than another.

Will I buy any of the next gen consoles? Well maybe, Probably. Knowing me, I had better change that to a yes. Although I do not expect an experience as good as that found on PC's I do like some of the exclusive games the consoles have available to them. But they will always be second place in gaming world as far as user experience is concerned.
mochachino  +   1031d ago
And still, PC games don't look 10 times better than current console games.

Optimization goes a long way.
Psychotica  +   1031d ago
I think he is saying that the next gen console will surpass the average\basic PC build not surpass the maximum possible PC build.
Ju  +   1031d ago
Obviously. And some. I still think that having low overhead in a console with about the same specs has an advantage. You have a fixed amount of memory you can rely on, not like on PCs (or cell phones) where the specs vary so much that it's a pain in the a$$ to support all variations.
aquamala  +   1031d ago
How can hey surpass pc's when they use same CPU and gpu in pc's?
Temporary  +   1031d ago
PCs are great and everything ... but theres no support for the platform anymore, talented devs love the consoles. So i can imagine more amazing things are going to be seen on the next gen consoles rather than on the PCs for a while. The line between both worlds is blurring for sure.
BitbyDeath  +   1031d ago
I've mentioned this in other threads. PC games are not taking advantage of the latest hardware. Hence why Crysis is still one of todays best looking games and came out 5-6 years ago.

Consoles will surpass PC by todays standards in what games can acheive but not in overall power. PC will then catchup immediately as it will receive the consoles ports and then no doubt make them shine that little bit more.
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Prcko  +   1031d ago
you can't beat pc graphics
downsampling,mods with high res textures...(check fallout,gta iv and stalker with mods-unbelivable good)
i have gta iv modified on pc,with icenhancer and high res textures and i just can't belive how good it looks,everything is so sharp and clean.
as you can see i modified distance,and now i can see almost whole cit,and lights from buildings are also modified
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AO1JMM  +   1031d ago
Lol @ surpassing PCs.
CGI-Quality  +   1031d ago
Agreed. Just take a PC with a GTX 690 in it, just the 690 - no way anything from next gen consoles would top that. Though, you have to admire his enthusiasm.

PCs will always be more powerful and capable machines, but the article itself is still interesting and informative.
Megaton  +   1031d ago
For the low, low, price of $1,999.99.
Neonridr  +   1031d ago
No matter how good the specs of the console are during the design phase, by the time the console launches, it will be outdated again.
Publicglutton  +   1031d ago
Peter Moore...what a complete and utter douchbag....Now everyone much agree with that...;)
WiiUalpha  +   1031d ago
Sorry but either the author or Peter Moore one is a complete idiot. You cannot surpass the PC using parts that PCs used a few years ago and have moved on from.
ozzywazzy  +   1031d ago
Just look at the Wii U right... terrible. I could only hope next gen consoles are more impressive.
Saryk  +   1031d ago
What makes the PC better in my OWN opinion is the versatility and openness of the platform. The new consoles will be under the thumb of the creators. We will see these new specs soon enough, then we can talk, but everything now is speculation only!
cleft5  +   1031d ago
Next gen consoles wont even be as powerful as a middle tier gaming PCs right now. If Microsoft and Sony even attempted to do that you would have to shell out well over $1500 for a console. Even then, 1 hardware update would make gaming PCs vastly more powerful than next gen consoles.

The blessing and curse of PC gaming is that hardware can be upgraded and new hardware is constantly coming out. Understand, consoles will never be as powerful as the current top of the line gaming PCs. Top tier gaming PCs right now have 16gigs of RAM in them. In order for a gaming console to surpass PCs it would need at least 16gigs of RAM, something I highly doubt will ever happen.
WiiUalpha  +   1031d ago
32gigs of Ram now. 16 is so last year.Havent seen many motherboards coming out that didnt support 32gigs. Granted I have 16 in my PC and never come close to even using half

Comments like this are for fanboys. It's just something to get them excited even if it has no merit in reality. They wont know any better and do not care.

Hell Sony still has some of their fans convinced that the PS3's cell which was designed in 2004 is some how still superior to the tech in PC's today even though it never at any point was.\

Just wait. You'll see a few fanboys quoting this article over the next couple of weeks like its confirmed facts

@Butthurt fanboy ozzywazzy, Yes kid that goes for any console even Wii U. I'm not sure why yuo felt the need to bring up the obvious like I didnt know it. I'm guessing that my comment upset your poor little fanboy feelings and just had to come back with something even if it was completely pointless to do so...

Yes the Wii U is doing the same thing the PS4 and Next box will do.

You have to be pretty stupid to be under the impression that any console is going to be using tech that isnt already in a PC or has been for years.

Poor troll. Trying to make a statement and the only one you made is that you are an idiot.

I don't have the same bias you obviously do and I seem to have more knowledge and way more common sense because to me it was obvious my comment covered all next gen consoles. I thought that was pretty obvious.

I would try to make it more obvious in future posts but I decided a long time ago not to dumb things down just because people like you cannot follow it.
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RedDragan  +   1031d ago
I have 12GB of RAM and that is more than enough for me. I cannot get close to maxxing that out with games.

The only program I have that does need it all is Vue 9 Xtreme, often it has ran out of the RAM and the 3GB on the 7970

BitbyDeath  +   1031d ago
'you would have to shell out well over $1500 for a console'

That would be true if MS and Sony bought the parts for 1 console instead of millions.

Pricing on everything gets far cheaper when mass production is involved.
Neko_Mega  +   1031d ago
So we not long will be getting a console, but a Super console? Like a Super computer, but not as powerful.

Its hard words to believe, saying a console is better then PC is very hard to be true. Seeing how your computer can be fully upgraded and your console can't.

But lets see what this next gen has for us.
Axonometri  +   1031d ago
So platforms designed for up to 10 year cycles that are consumer affordable are going to surpass the very computers that are needed to build the games that are run on said consoles?

Anyone else following me?
And let's not forget he also thinks a lot of us just " can't wrap their heads around" the idea of free to play business model. We are all just too dumb to know what is good for us.
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atticus14  +   1031d ago
I think this guy forgets that a console is made up of weaker PC parts, its pretty much impossible to surpass PC. With that said however, 1st party console developers close the gap a lot with the benefit of working with one system and knowing everyone has the same specs, but when PC developers actually put effort into PC games they are impossible to beat. Sadly we live in a time when modders do more graphical work then paid texture artists.

Hopefully times might change...
Npugz7  +   1031d ago
Consoles will be better! Sorry PC players that spend so much money for nothing. Suckaz!
MilkMan  +   1031d ago
To bad none of them will come to pass. Instead we'll get more of the same garbage. Just prettier.
taquito  +   1031d ago
next gen consoles should be about on par with a mid spec pc from 2 years ago, I'd say a gpu/cpu/ram combo akin to;

4gb ram
i5 cpu
560 ti

not those exact parts mind you, but near that performance ballpark

that exact rig can run bf3 in ultra on almost all settings in 1080p at about 30 frames per second

current ps3/360 run the game on all lowest settings according to dice (link; http://www.egmnow.com/artic... ) in sub-hd 704p with only 12v12 on small maps with framerates dipping into the teens in heavy action segments

next gen should be able to handle bf3 graphics, in ultra with 64 player in 1080p, that would be a HUGE leap forward and if people could get that for $400-$500 that would be a helluva deal!

my gtx 680 was $500 alone, granted it runs bf3 in 2560x1600 at 60 frames in ultra, but hey, you get what you pay for
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