EA’s Peter Moore: 'The things we can do are unbelievable', hints at next-gen consoles surpassing PCs

DSOGaming writes: "Peter Moore and PC have never been the best pals. When Moore was working in MS, PC gamers hated him for not supporting their beloved platform. Of course, Peter had nothing to do with this whole thing as he expressed MS’ stance and did not boycott the PC. But that had little to do with PC gamers’ feeling towards him. And when he joined EA, PC gamers hated him even more when the PC versions of NBA Live and NHL got cancelled (and when the PC was getting the ‘old-generation’ version of the Fifa series). Surprising news then for all of you as Peter Moore stated that PC – as a whole – is an attractive platform."

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Cam9772210d ago

I really doubt they'll surpass PCs as they're designed to be affordable.

Fishy Fingers2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

Yep, and it's not like AMD or Nvidia will stop hardware development once the next gen consoles drop.

I'm hoping to see console produce some amazing results, better than anything my PC is currently capable of, but at best, within a year or two you'll be able to yield better results from a PC once again (at a premium).

Developers will squeeze more out of a "weaker" next gen console than they could out of a current high end PC through optimising, not raw power. As they did early in this gen.

RedDragan2210d ago

I really doubt they would surpass my PC even if they weren't that affordable. My rig has the same amount of RAM as 24 PS3's. That is not including the memory on the graphics card which is 6x what PS3 has.

But hardware aside, will the next gen consoles allow players to mod their games to the level of freedom now being afforded to PC gamers? There are so many ways to come to a conclusion of why a certain platform is better than another.

Will I buy any of the next gen consoles? Well maybe, Probably. Knowing me, I had better change that to a yes. Although I do not expect an experience as good as that found on PC's I do like some of the exclusive games the consoles have available to them. But they will always be second place in gaming world as far as user experience is concerned.

mochachino2209d ago

And still, PC games don't look 10 times better than current console games.

Optimization goes a long way.

Psychotica2210d ago

I think he is saying that the next gen console will surpass the average\basic PC build not surpass the maximum possible PC build.

Ju2209d ago

Obviously. And some. I still think that having low overhead in a console with about the same specs has an advantage. You have a fixed amount of memory you can rely on, not like on PCs (or cell phones) where the specs vary so much that it's a pain in the a$$ to support all variations.

aquamala2210d ago

How can hey surpass pc's when they use same CPU and gpu in pc's?

Temporary2209d ago

PCs are great and everything ... but theres no support for the platform anymore, talented devs love the consoles. So i can imagine more amazing things are going to be seen on the next gen consoles rather than on the PCs for a while. The line between both worlds is blurring for sure.

BitbyDeath2209d ago (Edited 2209d ago )

I've mentioned this in other threads. PC games are not taking advantage of the latest hardware. Hence why Crysis is still one of todays best looking games and came out 5-6 years ago.

Consoles will surpass PC by todays standards in what games can acheive but not in overall power. PC will then catchup immediately as it will receive the consoles ports and then no doubt make them shine that little bit more.

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Prcko2210d ago (Edited 2210d ago )

you can't beat pc graphics
downsampling,mods with high res textures...(check fallout,gta iv and stalker with mods-unbelivable good)
i have gta iv modified on pc,with icenhancer and high res textures and i just can't belive how good it looks,everything is so sharp and clean.
as you can see i modified distance,and now i can see almost whole cit,and lights from buildings are also modified

CGI-Quality2210d ago

Agreed. Just take a PC with a GTX 690 in it, just the 690 - no way anything from next gen consoles would top that. Though, you have to admire his enthusiasm.

PCs will always be more powerful and capable machines, but the article itself is still interesting and informative.

Megaton2210d ago

For the low, low, price of $1,999.99.

Neonridr2210d ago

No matter how good the specs of the console are during the design phase, by the time the console launches, it will be outdated again.

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