Need for Speed aims to put an end to 'boring' racers

Criterion hopes that Need for Speed: Most Wanted will signal an end to 'boring' racers.

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Cam9772205d ago

I saw gameplay of Mw and it really does look fantastic! It'll be my first NFS game too, I can say I'm looking forward to having it.

SonyStyled2204d ago

be warned, the cops are very hard to shake. although there is no penalty for getting busted. this is my first nfs game since the original most wanted on ps2. i gotta say this game is fantastic even though ive been pulling my hair out over some of it. its easy to get lost in the menus though. criterion could have done a better job on it

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2204d ago

Game is fanfriggintastic. The graphics are more artistic than realistic and I gotta say the water effect on the roads looks pretty darn sexy.

DrRichtofen2204d ago

The cops in this game are so brutal! The chase I was in would never end, it was intense lol I love this game.

SonyStyled2204d ago

ugh tell me about it. they should have put stuff in the game to shake them like the original most wanted had. i hate the ambush challenges where the cops ambush you and you got to lose them in a set time. getting gold on one took over an hour for me. i beat the 2 minute mark at 1.59.46 minutes. talk about a small margin. i had no hair left to pull out. i personally think the game should be patched to lose the cops easier because yeah this is brutal

moparful992204d ago

I had trouble with 1 chase where I just couldnt seem to shake the cops but I was in a slower car.. Since then I have evaded a bunch of chases.. It helps if you memorize the map for shortcuts, jumps, hard turns that the cops can't make etc... My favorite cop dodging tactic is to get on the interstate and just outrun them... My first Ambush mission took me just over a minute to complete, but then again I am a Need For Speed veteran.. I've played every single need for speed game except for the run....