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Submitted by AP 1193d ago | review

Thought Dump: Halo 4 (Spoiler-Free) [The Gaming Vault]

The Gaming Vault drops their thoughts and impressions of Halo 4 after spending the best part of two weeks with the final version. (Halo 4, Xbox 360) -

borisfett  +   1194d ago
That was a pretty immense read.

I'm not usually a Halo 4, but I won't deny being a bit excited about this one. We'll see.
Bitsnark  +   1194d ago
Great write up this, especially in light of the potential anxieties people have had with Halo 4 being the first Bungie-less entry in the IP.

Can't wait to get my hands on it in all honesty.
joecamnet  +   1194d ago
I hate you for two reasons.
A.) You made got to spend a lot of time with the game already.
B.) You made me that much more excited for a game I won't have for nearly a week...

Great write up! Definitely got me pumped for release!

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