The PS3 Gets Certified in China, Which *Might* Mean No More Console Ban

Kotaku - Video game consoles are available throughout China. Officially, they are banned. But that might be changing. According to this China Compulsory Certificate document (via Sina Weibo and TechinAsia), Sony was issued a compulsory safety mark necessary to sell products in China.

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TurboGamer2206d ago

If this is true then ps3 sales will skyrocket.

-Mezzo-2205d ago

What PS3 was banned in china all this time?

Muffins12232202d ago

Pretty much gaming is banned in china....all console are band there.Only pc is allowed

VonBraunschweigg2205d ago

Fine with me as long as my army of goldfarmers keeps on goldfarming, so best is to keep it under wraps for now, they don't need to know.

Godmars2902202d ago

We are talking about the same country known for making copy right infringements other people's problems and making things explode which normally don't. Like coin money and manholes.

MaximusPrime2201d ago

i guess the creator of fake playstation consoles is ruined.