Medal of Honor: Warfighter "will impair EA's reputation" with consumers

Medal of Honor: Warfighter looks to have created some real problems for EA. Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter published a research note stating it could knock the studio's ambition of toppling Activision in the FPS market back several years.

"Warfighter's review scores may have destroyed chances for sequels in the all-important first-person shooter segment of the market," says Pachter.

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Cam9772208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

No EA, I'm quite sure that already happened when you released BF:Premium and treated regular users who didn't buy Premium like pirates (constantly rubbing it in our faces - eg: having a huge bright yellow 'PREMIUM' banner in game when you get killed by a subscriber, putting them at the front of a queue and giving them 2 weeks early access). That is why I hate EA.

This is a huge joke.

Yi-Long2208d ago

... EA/DICE already lost me with 'Battlefield of Duty 3'.

That game was such a disappointment, and it only got worse with the custom servers crap.

And EA STILL has lots of problems with keeping connections up (on consoles). It's ridiculous.

Cam9772208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Custom servers were ridiculous. So are EA.
Also, this is probably the last MoH we'll see.

mewhy322208d ago

Hopefully there won't be any more Metal of Honor games. This one was crap.

omi25p2208d ago

I enjoy Battlefield 3 and i play it alot. BUT it is no where near as good as the old battlefields.

The maps are poorly designed and classes unbalanced.

chaldo2208d ago

I'll re-paste what i typed in another article:

There is nothing wrong with this game.. the Campaign is fantastic and the firebuddy system is awesome! sure there are a few bugs in multiplayer but it is not enough to bring the review scores down to 4's and 5's. its ridiculous. I bet you the op in this thread didnt even play the game as well as 70% of the other ppl who insulted the game who commented on this article.

True, EA blows but MOHW is a great game. You just have to actually play the game instead of trash talking it like you know it (no, the beta does not count).

Oschino19072208d ago (Edited 2208d ago )

Not like their rep wasn't already on edge or falling because of things like shutting down servers for games just a few years (somtimes less then 2 yrs) after launch while still selling them and their ONLINE based/centric DLC.

Or how they constantly release gameS that obviously needed more time to work out the bugs and glitches but they said F-it and sold it anyway forcing people to wait months to have basic game breaking (forcing you to reset game/system or handicapping you) flaws fixed.

Or how they hoot and holler about having dedicated servers and stuff for all/most their games yet still have lag issues with many of them. By the time its fixed, if they actually fix it, its about time for my first reason. They end up shutting the servers down completely cause new games have come out and taken away the playerbase to support those servers.

Or how they are so obsessed with the money Acti makes with COD that they do everything other then total copyright infringment to replicate them. Followed by bashing and harassing Acti hard for months then delivering an unfinished broken mess that barely competed. If I want BF I want BF, if I want COD I want COD, don't try to mix them together in any way or you lose the formula that got you there in the first place.

And for a final reason, WTF is up with them acting so surprised and blind sided when negativity arises after one of the many reasons people don't like them? Are they that out of touch with consumers, do they not spend tons of money on market research and public relations? Maybe, just maybe if they didn't act so dumbfounded towards complaints and actually accepted them people wouldn't look at them as a bunch of douches in suits whose primary goal is to count money and please stockholders w/ "good numbers". How much you wanna bet a large majority of their stockholders aren't even people who use their products or are gamers in general.

JsonHenry2208d ago

They lost all respect from me when they released Command and Conquer 4. However if CnC 2 is awesome I will forgive and forget. But I am not holding my breath.

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ritsuka6662208d ago

destroyed chances for sequels in the all-important first-person shooter segment of the market," says Pachter.

Pachter should STFU, SHM. -___-

ChronoJoe2208d ago

In what way is he wrong? They've harmed their brand, and FPS occupy the largest portion of home console market.

sdozzo2208d ago

They never were going dethrone CoD. It's a nice change of pace for CoD players and visa versa for MoH players with CoD. But, we all knew EA was not going to cone in and overtake.

DA_SHREDDER2208d ago

I rather play the new Medal of Honor than any COD any day.

sdozzo2205d ago

You're comment adds nothing. I'm not arguing that one is better than the other. I'm just saying that MoH probably didn't think it was going to overtake CoD for units sold. But, it's a fine game in its own right.

PantherDST2208d ago

I personally liked MOHW, and didn't see the reason for the negative reviews. I find it strange that gamers and journalists clamor for new FPS games, but denounce anything made that does not have COD in the title.

This is just another example of how the unstructured gaming review system impacts the gaming industry negatively. The end result… more games sequels and less innovation and risk tasking by developers to produce new IPs.

Nodoze2208d ago

Totally agree. Additionally the review system is rampant with corporate cronyism and corruption. Exchanging vital advertising dollars for top tier reviews.

I certainly hope that people did not think the issues that occurred with Gamespot way back when were an isolated incident.

On top of all of this we are now forced to deal with press embargoes until the shipping date. Ridiculous.

Revvin2208d ago

The problem with MOHW on PCis that it looks and plays like a straight cut, copy and paste of the XBOX version complete with low res textures and low poly count. It's like they were so desperate to get the game running at a decent FPS on the 360 and PS3 that they stripped it down so far it would have taken nearly a complete re-write to do the PC version justice so with a deadline fast approaching they just did a quick and dirty port from the consoles. I really enjoyed the last MOH, it was a decent FPS that stripped some of the B.S in CoD like the kill perks and gave us a viable alternative that was only perhaps let down by a lack of multiplayer maps. Because I enjoyed it so much I pre-ordered MOHW the day it was made available on Origin but I am disappointed with what I received.

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