Deadly Creatures heading to Wii for THQ

A new Rainbow Studios project's just been announced, namely Deadly Creatures for Wii. To be published by THQ in 2008, the game i s all about surviving in a "venomous world of desert terror", apparently.

"Players will follow the entwined adventures of an armored scorpion and a stealthy tarantula as they struggle against a variety of creatures including vicious Gila monsters, tarantula wasps, black widows, and the most dangerous predator of all – Man."

That's Man with a capital "M". Rainbow Studios has previously worked on some very big stuff, including Cars, so this is likely to be a big deal for THQ.

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wiizy3685d ago

thq is definetly doing everything right by being on the wii and innovative. hope their titles sells well.. they need to do some advertising like other third party's

cooke153684d ago

Wow that looks pretty cool :)